Kristin Cavallari’s new Dry Farm Wines limited edition ‘Cavallari Collection’ wine

Courtesy: KristinCavallari Instagram

Hold The Morning After

Kirstin Cavallari kicked off September this past Wednesday with her very own namesake wine collection from Dry Farm Wines called the “Cavallari Collection”, where you can experience the joy of a buzz, or more than a buzz with whatever occasion you’re having this Labor Day Weekend, as well as Happy Hour, Friday Nights, or many Halloween and holiday moments coming in the rest of 2021.

Kristin loves her “Cavallari Collection” because Dry Farm Wines cares about where the grapes come from, how they were farmed, and the quality of the soil, Kristin is such a fan and believer in what Dry Farm Wines stands for and I’m honored to be part of this family, it’s lab tested for purity, made with lower alcohol, sugar free, and keto and paleo friendly.

With the 3 boxes Kristin had delivered of her “Cavallari Collection” Kristin says it’s perfect for date night, picnic, and self care night, and it’s Organic down to the T, but Kristin is a legit fan because there’s zero hangover the next morning, ruling out headaches and nausea.

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