Lauren Conrad rings in LC Lauren Conrad September 2021 at Kohl’s

Courtesy: Kohl’s

Love ❤️ Fall

Never have we ever seen a year like 2021 where September has become the best month of the year, with in-person learning taking place for the first time in 18 months since COVID19 forced us to go virtual, Broadway’s big return, and the excitement of the holidays experienced with family again, so Lauren Conrad kicked off the Labor Day Weekend on Friday with her newest September 2021 edition of LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s where it’s all about comforts featuring light cozy sweaters, loungewear, and soft joggers.

Courtesy: Kohl’s

Experience Fall 2021 as Lauren’s in a look of Ruffle Cardigan and Feel Good Mid-Rise 5 Pocket Skinny Jeans that leads onto a set of Ruffle Cardigan, High-Waisted Shorts, Ruffle Double V-Neck, 56mm Shoebird Cat Eye Sunglasses, Wedge Sandals, and Heart Bag; Lauren also sits in on Fall with LC Royal Yoke Peasant Top in Chancery Green and LC Smock Waist Mini Skirt also in Chancery Green.

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