Fashinnovation reveals why women support men over women in business

Courtesy: Fashinnovation

What’s The Root Cause?

Fashinnovation’s 5th Annual Worldwide Talks today uncovers an overlooked truth about what keeps women down leadership roles of fashion, media, and in the world of business, it’s other women mainly of their peers, as well as younger or older, who pledge their support of their male counterparts to head the companies they work for, simply because of women fearing other women they may have to answer to, the female mind’s instinct of jealousy and cattiness kicking just like it would on the social scene outside the workplace.

Therefore, men have been writing the narrative of how a woman should succeed in the corporate world, as well as steer the wheel of how women are marketed in fashion, business, and all other industries where women are used; it’s mainly women who comprise the fashion industry in designing clothes, working the floor, and promoting their brand, women also are the buying power of fashion whether it’s their own money or not.

The only way women can be put into more leadership roles is have 100 percent support from other females also in leadership, as well as those above and below them, work on rising above the fear a woman may have about another woman in their position, share the fears they may have, sometimes share their intentions, and this will eventually lead women to head their companies, and now write the narrative about women.

Daniel Quintanilla

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