Fashion Bomb Daily catwalks SS2022 emerging designers at New York Fashion Week

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Rising Stars

Albeit it was a dark historic 20th anniversary of 9/11 in New York City during New York Fashion Week, this day also brought a sign of life and hope for an extremely bright future in the world of fashion as Fashion Bomb Daily held its day long runway show featuring up and coming designers such as Bree Original Designs and Khangle.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Bree Billiter (Bree Original Designs)

Bree proudly presents the collection of “The Ocean’s Cathedral”, where the ocean will forever be part of who Bree is.

In Bree’s words…. “Stage 1 of my life cycle as a caterpillar.

My foundation is soaked in the colors of the ocean and the magic that floats within the waves.

Colors dance across the tides as the ocean distorts them creating stained glass lasting till the horizon.

We worship the beauty and bask in the colors as the sun sinks into the water and bright orange and pinks wash over our skin.

This collection is called the Ocean’s Cathedral as it mimics not only the magical colors of the ocean but the creatures within it… mystical or otherwise.”

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla


Khangle is a “Dreamer”, filled with metallic and artistic prints painted onto menswear, and especially womenswear where all the colors are brought into a canvas of ambitious designs consisting of blue, white, purple, and violet acting as one, but each color having its own space to be who it truly is, plus silhouettes and symmetric design justifying the abstract paint canvas inspiration which Khangle aims for in his Spring & Summer 2022 “Dreamer” collection.

Daniel Quintanilla

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