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Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

Written By Patricia Ann Parenti

After 18 months of not being at the Javits because of Covid this tradeshow has come back to its NYC home. It took place September 19 – 21, 2021. This season saw a change in the format of the women’s tradeshows put on by Informa. What use to be Accessories The Show, Children’s Club and Fame Shows are now under the Magic name. Magic consisted of brands that cater towards children, young contemporary (which is not an age but a look)and trendy teens. Footwear that was trendy but well-known labels, and accessories that were trendy but retail at more moderate price points.

Coterie had basically the same brands that it always does (I’ve been going to this show for many years)but caters to a designer customer with higher quality fabrics and more classic styles. This show also has accessories, footwear, contemporary clothing but at higher price points than Magic. Many of the brands were from Europe or South America this season.

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


After walking the show for 3 days I’m going to give you my reader the fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2022 for the women’s market. The peasant look continues to be the major trend for the next season. What was new were big bell bottom jeans with prints on them (think 1970’s hippie era). Because Beyonce made western wear popular again the western hat has become the major trend in headwear. Jewlery seems to have gotten a bit bigger and the millennial chain now has charms on them. Glitter earrings are an up-and-coming fashion. Since everyone wants to feel cheerful now that we can go out and enjoy life again designers used lots of bright colors in their collections. I have a love of shoes and boots with over 200 pair myself and I use to be a shoe store buyer so I interviewed three designers on their brands. Big attention was really paid by me on the trends in footwear. 😀

New fashions of footwear are the short cowboy boot to wear with jeans or the peasant look. Ballerina flats continue for when you need to dress casual but sneakers are too sporty. Sneakers have been acceptable for everyday wear nowadays so I’m only going to bring you the new trends: fur calf mixed with metallic leather, glitter and metallic mesh. Chocked up pumps or T strap shoes with block heels to go with all those new 1980’s power suits that are the latest style in tailored clothing. Slides in suede or leather with block heels. Loafers in two tone leather. Snakeskin either real or in a print in shoes and sandals big time for the warm weather. Please see the photos with the mannequins that were so beautifully dressed by the Coterie – Magic staff on how to put together an outfit with all the trends for both the Fall/Winter 2021 and Spring/Summer 2022 seasons.

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


A company based out of Miami that represents emerging designers from South America. What attracted me to this collection beside the beautiful young ladies working in the booth was the unusual prints and the hand crochet fashions that I wouldn’t see from the American designers. I only interviewed Ivana Matos the Founder and Ceo of the company on the designer/brand Zunilda Gutiorre which is all made in Columbia. She carries other brands so please see her website for more pretty, feminine and ladylike collections. The designer was inspired by childhood memories such as children playing in fields of wildflowers which she translated into prints that she created herself for her collection.

Fabrics used were linen, organic cotton, silk and recycled polyester. The lovely collection features puffy sleeves meant for women’s empowerment, mini and midi skirts, bustier and crop tops. The hand crochet skirt and top (in the photo) took three weeks to make by indigenous people in Columbia and they did beautiful work if I may say so. Other pieces of clothing were in linen and cotton with hand embroidery also from the indigenous people in Columbia. Sizes XS – L, Prices retail $130.00 – $850.00. You can order off their website and they will ship to you but please realize this is all handmade to order so it may take a month or two to receive your items.

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


This company represents many foreign brands in America. The brands they brought to the show was Moa Concept and Peanuts. Don’t we all love Disney? Since we all do this company did a collaboration with Disney so we can now wear Disney motifs on sneakers. Sweatshirts, hoodies and tee shirts which are all unisex fashions licensed with Peanuts. The sweatshirt, hoodies and sweatpants are in 100% cotton fabric. These styles are good for the teen all the way to the teen’s parents and grandparents. In the photo is the pretty daughter of the owners modeling the sweatshirt and sweatpants with a motif of the Peanuts character Snoopy on the front of the sweatshirt.

Sizes are unisex and range from XXS – XL, Prices $155.00 – $185.00.

The core of the line is their range of unisex sneakers made in Italy made from recycled car seats, recycled plastic bottles and recycled polyester back. The fit is European which usually means wider in the toe box area, with a size range of 35 – 47 translating to women’s size 5 in USA sizes and size 14 in men’s USA size.

Price range $319.00 -$380.00.

Sneakers have Micky Mouse logs on the toes, sides and innersoles of the sneakers. They basically come in white but some in silver or black so you can see the logs clearly. Shoelaces are basically white or black and white mixed.

To order sneakers

For information on the Peanuts Collection email

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


Espadrilles made in Spain. The styles were mules, loafers and slides. These are so pretty with the peasant look or even paired with skinny jeans. Some of the uppers are velvets with embroidery using recycled thread and since these are casual, they are appropriate for summer even though velvet is thought of a winter fabric. The use of metallic embroidery in a star pattern was used on jewel tone velvet and these can be worn indoors for the cold weather season too. Another fabric that is used is recycled raffia on the upper in a mule style. Soles are made with plastic from the ocean bottom that have been recycled. Jute is the material in the mid sole between sole bottom and upper shoe. Inner sole is recycled microfiber.

Everything is vegan and sustainable which is the growing trend in fashion. Every pair is handmade by women and the business is woman owned. The collection is inspired by different cultures in Indonesia and Venice, Italy. The owner of the business Yasmine did a beautiful job with the show display which made the espadrilles stand on pedestals so you can see them better coming up the aisle of the show. These are truly gorgeous espadrilles and are very different from anything I’ve ever seen in the American brands.

Sizes range from 36 – 42 European sizes.

Prices $260.00 – $290.00.

These are shipped from USA so you will get them quick.

To order

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


I had the pleasure of interviewing the designer Anna Maria and the factory owner Sergio both from Columbia. Cowboy boots are now the hottest footwear trend this season. These are works of art and I want a pair. I’ve been looking for cowboy boots so naturally when I saw this collection, I just had to interview the people in the booth for my blog. The designer told me the cowboy boots make her feel empowered, and are an expression of her femininity/personality. The cowboy boots are made with leather uppers and linings along with neolite soles and which won’t wear down as leather soles do and wood heels. Each boot is made 100% by hand and is cut and crafted by highly experienced craftsmen to insure comfort and fit. Sergio made it a point to tell me that his workers are fairly paid and work in ideal conditions. This factory concentrates on making high quality boots in limited editions and not mass production. What this means for the consumer is that they are getting a product that will last for decades if taken care of and ethical conditions for its workers.

The factory also makes some pretty metallic sneakers with a slight wedge sole. The boot collection features short western boots in metallics, with details such as studs, heart shape cutouts in snakeskin; mid-calf cowboy boots in suede and solid color leather with snakeskin trim and leather cutouts in the shape of wings. The Purpose of Lola – Relola is to encourage women to connect with their feminine power and to be inspired through color, creativity and textures.

Ladies if you are looking for unique western style boots to buy than take a look at the website

Sized 35 (size 5 in USA) to 40 (size 10 in USA), and Medium width only but I did tell Sergio to expand to Narrow and Wide for the Americans.

Prices: sneakers $159.00 – $168.00, booties $239.00, cowboy boots $350.00.

Patricia Ann Parenti

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