New York City declares it playtime as Halloween Parade & parties return post COVID19 lockdown

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Let’s March Again

The lights were on for Halloween Night on Sunday evening as New York City officially ended its one-year Halloween hiatus thanks to COVID19, and returned to life as it was pre-COVID19 with a night of festivities happening all around Manhattan, especially the 48th Annual New York’s Village Halloween Parade where this year’s theme was “Let’s Play” and “All Together Now” that celebrates New York City coming out of quarantine to celebrate Halloween again.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

This year, after serving as a springboard for Gods and monsters for nearly half a century, the NYC Halloween Parade changed it up with an epic story to tell, telling the story of us who continue to be resilient day in and day out, and even in our darkest hour, we’re determined to step out and dance the streets of New York City for one night a year where we can be anything we want, other then you.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Not a step was missed in this one year hiatus of the NYC Halloween Parade, not even a threat of a possible COVID19 Delta Variant at the unofficial end of Summer did not stop this crown jewel that is our Halloween Parade from happening, the action was not slowing down come midnight where Union Square was still buzzing with characters from pop culture, as well as characters you originally created which the NYC Halloween Parade encouraged in this years theme, along with mandatory costume to be in the parade.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

There was no shortage of party moments along 14th Street East and West, there was the ever constant preaching of taking religion as a way to save you, but the crowd by in large kept amongst their friends and themselves who stop at nothing to dress as provocatively as possible, it’s clearly what Halloween in New York City is all about.

Halloween for Daniel plus Lauren was also a true homecoming because it’s been 3 long years since DpL has done anything that’s Halloween in NYC, there were personal reasons, then COVID, and now no reason existed for DpL not to come in, they made a triumph homecoming to Abracadabra NYC costume and makeup shop where, plus visiting Le Bain at The Standard where Susanne Bartsch hosted her annual Halloween party immediately following time spent in Union Square.

This year was all about taking back the wonderful time from 2011 to 2018 and bringing it into 2021 for Daniel plus Lauren and the rest of the world, there was no need to hunker down and stay in lockdown to protect ourselves from a deadly pandemic, all we need to do was party, plus party responsibly.

Daniel Quintanilla

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