Informa Markets Fashion sees COVID19 home trends continue through 2023

Courtesy: Informa Markets

Hunker Down Style

Informa Markets on Wednesday held its trends webinar that forecast what womenswear and menswear will look like in Fall and Winter 2022-2023, the results are the era of seasonless wear, buying fewer pieces at reasonable prices, and subtle and stylish pieces to wear at home, otherwise the original new normal dating back to 2020 is far from over, thanks to the sharp and sudden events caused by the COVID19 pandemic.

As consumers will still yearn for brighter days in a time of uncertainty and emotional overload all the way into 2023, consumers will continue making home a hub for work, wellness and play, while taking a more curated approach to fashion and the items they decide to purchase that must work together to add value within a more fluid, interconnected lifestyle, being versatile and adapting with multifunctional and modular products, smarter choices instead of larger choices all from repurposed items to sophisticated designs.

Womenswear trends of FW22 include big ideas of color play defining core shapes that energize knitwear, outerwear, skirts, slippers, loafers, and sandals through minimalist design, silhouettes, color-blocking, embroidery, patchwork, and tie-dye; flex-leisure where more flexibility are found in outerwear, leggings, parka, pullover, trouser, hoodie, roll-neck, active sneaker; beyond outerwear is more profound recognition of nature’s benefits with more robust consumer focus of outdoor lifestyles with denim boiler unit, bomber jacket, Jacquard knit, A-line denim midi skirt, check overshirt, and boots; 1970’s esque are eclectic and emotional in thriftiness and creative expression through the dress found in nostalgic bohemian cultural pattern design and rich color choices alluding to old, worn, and unique beautiful pieces with the horti-cool dress, minidress, and quilted mini, plus mules and boots; and low key drama renews the consumer’s love for occasional pieces also adding self expression in fluid wrap dress, nuhistorics top, pattern play top, let’s party top, ruched, A-line shirt, pumps, ballet flats, and heels.

Seasonal must haves for menswear includes academia, work-leisure, off-line luxe, soul craft, urban outdoors, and space race with pieces such as the high pile fleece jacket, rugby shirt, utility shacket, chunky cardigan, smart trouser, robe coat, straight-leg jeans, slipper mule, future hiker, and technical accessories; urban outfitters tells the biggest stories about the past few seasons and the need to get away with fishtail parks, Sherpa jacket pullover, utility vest, hoodie, modern cargo pant, outdoor jogger, bucket hat, all weather utility backpack, belt bag, with footwear of outdoor hiker and minimalist runner; and the space race led to a generation of design marked by futuristic yet minimalist sensibilities, making room for a softer take on the future with soft layers, faded dyes and minimalist graphics add a decidedly gentle and organic touch to menswear, offering an almost spa-like serenity in tailored topcoat, dark minimalist smart shirt, fine gauge crew neck, turtleneck, wide pant leg/ trouser, technical suiting, mini-cross body bag, padded bucket hat, nylon baseball cap, future form sneaker, and industrial luxe boot.

As we’re in the third year of this COVID19 pandemic, dealing with new variants such as omicron and possible future variants putting our livelihood, well-being, and daily routine on the line, robust, innovative, and simplistic moves in fashion will create the instant optimism we need to dream about a future before the arrival of a global pandemic 2 years ago on March 11, 2020.

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