Coronavirus now a pandemic; Broadway & Movie Industry must livestream to mitigate losses

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The Show Must Go On… Live-stream

It’s now official, the Coronavirus that started in China at the end of 2019, and has crippled almost every part of daily life since its discovery was officially declared a pandemic today by the World Health Organization, with new cases popping up at the turn of a cheek, most events and instruction has been cancelled, altered, and been placed on the internet, the stock market is down, essential supplies are limited, and TV shows are suspending studio audiences, parades have been cancelled, and March Madness going onto play their tournaments to empty arenas, but no word yet on how movie releases and Broadway shows will proceed moving forward, yours truly (Daniel plus Lauren) has a simple idea on how live-streaming can help movies and stage shows soften the blow on monetary losses if it comes to theaters of all kinds banning audiences.

It starts with Broadway performing their shows as planned, albeit to empty theaters in New York’s Times Square, but those shows that have the means, resources, and money to play around can set up an exclusive livestream on websites like,, official show websites, and places like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus to stream their stage productions as planned, but charge the public an amount agreed upon by the theaters and investors of large Broadway shows to see the livestream as if they were paying for a ticket, to make up revenue lost from no theater audience present.

Movie theaters and movie studios have yet to make a contingency plan as far as dealing with the Coronavirus that is now a pandemic, but it can be in the same vein as yours truly mentioned for Broadway shows, relying on streaming from all services, as well as official movie websites and/ or apps if available to make up their costs.

There are lots of benefits to streaming, even coming up with a solution to keep a long time soap opera on the air, but streaming is definitely helpful as an inevitable crisis grips our way of life.

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