New York Coterie & Magic trade fashion shows: As Told by Patricia Ann Parenti

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

By Patricia Ann Parenti

The tradeshows took place February 27 – March 1, 2022 at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC. Coterie was all about women’s contemporary and advanced contemporary fashions that featured many new designers from Italy. Magic was more young contemporary or junior fashions and featured lots of trendy fun looks. Both shows are part of Informa markets. Fall fashion was predominant but many brands showed resort and summer styles also.

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

Since most people who read my blog want to know what the latest trends are so I walked the show and covered them for you. 

Big wide legs’ and bell bottom jeans that are high waisted (some with pleats) are the newest trend in the denim market. Ripped jeans have had their day and not many were being shown by the high end brands at the show. In the footwear department cowboy boots continue to be fashionable BUT the big news is a square toe Maryjane style shoe with 2″ platforms on 5″ chunky heels that Steve Madden showed in metallic and bright colors. They reminded me of the shoe styles of the 1970’s. The update on loafer styles is the lug soles. Jewelry still featured skinny chains to be worn layered but the newness comes with pennants or charms on them . Handbags are moving away from oversized sacs to smaller sculptural shapes. Belts got wider and are adorned with chains and studs. I did see a return of oversized silk scarves in large squares.

As far as clothing goes the look at Magic was all about the mini and micro mini skirt with baby crop tee shirts or sweaters. The little house on the prairie look with the peasant skirt is still around but not the newest trend anymore. Crochet patchwork sweaters like the one in the photo above are a new trend to watch out for starting this spring/summer.

Coterie fashions catered toward more of a professional woman of any age. I saw lots of knit two piece dresses, mid calf length dresses that are belted at the waist and the longer jacket that covers the hips the newest styles in this market. Of course I loved all the collections from Italy because they had more tailored and classic clothing with printed silks and wool bouclĂ©’s.

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

Real Reveal

I found the most beautiful resort collection for any woman of any shape or size at Coterie. The line is designed and made in Columbia by Dayanara Duran. It’s a day into evening look with bathing suits and matching coverups. This is great for the lady who wants to sit by the pool all day but is too lazy to go up to her room and change to go out to dinner. All she has to do is thrown on a pair of pants and one of the coverups over her bathing suit and she is all set to go out. The coverups and bathing suits are made as coordinates so you will always look pulled together and lovely. The reason I like matching bathing suits and cover ups is because it’s always hard to find a cover up to match your bathing suit. The 2-piece bathing suits have high waist bottoms and made of a lycra blend with lots of stretch to them for easy on/off. The one piece style bathing suit can also be worn as a bodysuit with the coordinating long chiffon skirts. Another cute look if you have a nice torso is the midriff top with a matching maxi skirt. The dresses have flounced sleeves and ruffled hems for a romantic look. What attracted me to this booth was the pretty vibrant colors in bold and floral prints in silk and polyester chiffons. All in all this is the perfect collection to pack to go a vacation because you can just pull out of your suitcase coordinated outfits that don’t require you to play mix and match. Prices $150.00 and up.

Since this is a new collection please email the company on where to purchase or

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

Giovanna Nicolai

This brand was part of the Made In Italy section of Coterie. This is an Italian heritage brand because the owner’s grandmother worked in couture and the grandfather was the owner of boutiques in the center of Italy. The brand is in the name of the grandmother. Since I love color I picked this brand to interview for my blog because their collection is extremely colorful. The fabrics are from Italy and Paris with the silks made in the Como part of Italy. Everything is sewen in Italy also insuring the best possible quality. Many of the same fabric houses that Chanel uses. I mentioned earlier in my blog about the new trend of 2-piece cut and sew sweater knits and in the upper left hand corner of the photo is a perfect example of what I meant. The wool plaid tunic in the upper right side of the photo is made out of mohair fabric in the big Fall 2022 colors of purple and orange. The inspiration is by Biba of London which was a brand that was very popular in the 1970s. Femmine, classic and timeless clothing meant to accent the women’s body. The collection features lots of tunics that can be worn over leggings and jeans or as dresses with tights. Sizes are 6 – 16 in USA or 38 – 50 in Italian sizes. Prices range from $400.00 – $1,000.00.

To buy Spring/Summer 2022 email for a list of current stores they sell to.

Oh you want to see more of the beautiful clothing they make if you want to buy what you see in my photos you will have to wait till at least September 2022.

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

DE SANTIS by Martin Alvarez

This collection features classic timeless tailored clothing for women that will hang in your closet forever. The line is all made in Italy out of all Italian fabrics. I find it very hard to find coats that are luxuries and classic so when I saw this collection atCoterie I wanted to find out more about them. Carmine De Santis is the designer and the business was started five years ago because they both had vast experience in tailored fashion. As a person that attends Premier Vision (European Textile Show) in NYC I have learned all about the different kinds of quality fabrics that come from Italy. Looking for a statement coat to wear with anything then see the cream color shaved wool or as we call it in USA eyelash fabric on the bottom right of the photo. Maybe your looking for a classic coat that is just pretty then the blue boucle on the top right of the photo is your answer. Ladies these aren’t the kind of coats we see in the department stores in America where most of the selection is puffers. These coats are for the women like me who likes to dress up and not have to wear puffers over their tailored day or evening clothes. The jacket on the upper left in the photo is in a hunter green shearling trimmed with mink that works perfect with jeans and leggings.Metallic fabrics are used predominantly through out the collection. The black evening dress on the bottom left in the photo is a brocade fabric with a bit of sheen to it. Other styles are suits, pants, skirts, jumpsuits and many more tailored coats on their website. Sized 2 -12 but dresses go up to size 16.

Prices $400.00 -$1,200.00, Where to buy

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

Aguima International Shoes

This company was at Magic show because they were all about young trendy styles. They produce 550,000 pairs of shoes a day and are the biggest shoe company in South America. They own twelve factories on the continent and make private label shoes for big names which I’m not allowed to tell you about. Brazilian shoes as far as quality is concerned are better than Chinese but not as high in craftsmanship as European brands. Their motto for shoes is comfort with fashion. Extra comfort is put in their footwear with a 7mm thick innersole and a pad at the ball of the foot to prevent the foot from sliding forward in high heels. To this “shoe addict” who walks the streets of NYC, comfort is very important and to everyone else who has become accustomed to wearing sneakers. All the shoes have non slip soles. In back of the inside of the heel their is a rubber grip for comfort and to hold the heel of your foot against the back of the shoe so your foot doesn’t slide forward. An antibacterial gel tech on the inside of the innersole keeps your shoes from smelling after been worn. They don’t make leather but shoes out of PV which is a soft “faux leather” that you see everywhere in bags and shoes. Another textile they use is PVC that is a hard plastic that looks like patent leather. Some fabric uppers are used such as cotton knit.

The company has eight brands and adds new styles every fifthteen days. Their high fashion brand is Vizzano and you can see it in the photo with the fuchsia high heel platform Maryjane in my photo. Prices $28.00 – $80.00. Moleca is all about trendy, colorful junior fashions, $25.00 – $55.00. Beiario is a very casual line, $30.00 – $70.00. Modare is a collection about extra comfort in shoes that go up to size 13, $30.00 – $80.00. Actvitta is for the active lifestyle with sneakers for men and women with sizes 4 -11. Molekinha is for baby and toddler girls and Molekimo is geared toward baby and toddler, boys, $25.00 – $40.00. The last label is a private label line. To find out where they sell their shoes

Patricia Ann Parenti

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