NPD X Curve Excellent Awards crown Warner, Wacoal, & Adore Me for bra popularity

Courtesy: Warner Bras

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Curve New York and The NPD held its annual Excellent Awards today to celebrate the bra makers who have served a huge service to their consumers over the last year thanks to innovative design while implying new techniques that keep their consumer base coming back each year.

Warner Bras received top honors for the Number 1 Best Selling Bra In America, specifically for its Warner’s Easy Does It Wire Free Style RM3911 Bra series where it takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect fit, designed with all-over stretch fabric to fit your unique shape and easy, versatile sizing from XS-3X simplifies bra shopping once and for all.

Courtesy: Wacoal

Wacoal is declared Number 1 Dollar Growth Designer Brand In The USA where Wacoal knows wearing the right bra can change a woman’s look as well as her outlook, Wacoal always seeks out new and better ways to deliver bras that meet the needs of women today, they source the best materials, use cutting-edge technologies, fit our bras on real women, and offer sizes from A to I cup.

Courtesy: Adore Me

Receiving the crown for Number 1 Digital Native Growth Brand In The USA is Adore Me, no brick and mortar, no problem, Adore Me has changed the way we shop for bras and intimates online by being the first to offer lingerie in extended sizes across a wide range of styles and categories, paving the way for many brands who follow in Adore Me’s footsteps so that everybody feels included.

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