Beachwood Apparel Partners lands on sustainability with Fashinnovation New York

Courtesy: Beachwood Apparel Partners

A World Non-Fast

From the outside, sustainability may be a confusing concept for the typical fashion consumer who’s in love with trends of today, something that is urgent and gets you the Instagram likes at large in a short time, but even at large Instagram speed, the fashion consumer has changed, in favor of something more environmentally conscious, slower to fade, and longer to keep and love, tonight’s Fashinnovation Brand Directory introduces you to Beachwood Apparel Partners, solely focusing on sustainability, where the only thing the consumer base wants is more.

Courtesy: Beachwood Apparel Partners
  • What is exactly your brand? How would you define it?
  • Beachwood Apparel Partners provides a clean and streamlined apparel and footwear offering to our client base. There is nuance, variety, and quality that is seen and felt by looking at the end result, which is full package production, complete with our customer’s label at the final shipping stage.
  • What makes your brand so unique?
  • We are unique because of what we are able to offer. Global sourcing from more niche supply chains with competitive costing,turnaround times, and sustainable options that provide solutions.
Courtesy: Beachwood Apparel Partners
  • What does your consumer base love about your collection the most?
  • Our customers appreciate that we can provide a well edited and unique range of apparel and footwear to home. At Beachwood, there is a sensibility at the sourcing stage that understands quality and fashion or trend, allowing us to quickly arrive at what our clients/brands are looking for.
  • How do you empower your audience?
  • We empower our customers to make better choices. For example, each brand can decide the level of sustainability that they can commit to in their product. Beachwood supports our clients to take a direction that offers something better than what they had before. This could be with price, quality, sustainability, design, fit, or all of the above.
Courtesy: Beachwood Apparel Partners
  • What’s new with your collection?
  • You know what they say, It’s all in the fabric. We are developing a sustainable fabric that looks and feels silky and is machine washable, complete with printing capabilities. It will be affordable so that our clients and their customers can all benefit, feel good, and look good too. The customer can afford to buy 2 colors or prints at a time, and it’s all biodegradable in the end. I also just came back from Egypt, and love what I am seeing there. I’m extremely proud of our footwear capabilities, and the innovation we are experiencing with that category.

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