Angela Kogan Celebrates 10 Years of PERFECTION

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The Push Is On

Angela Kogan, has built a world renown Medical Spa & Plastic Surgery Center for the past 10 years!

People seek out her services down in Florida, and Las Vegas, also possesses the truly successful PERFECTION Med Spa, catering to patients in search of enhancing their beauty through facials, uplifting body parts, and whitening their teeth, celebrated the Med Spa’s 10th anniversary on Friday night with all its staff who’ve contributed to making this celebrity Sunny Isles, Florida destination that is a must for you to come in and look good.

Angela’s clientele includes a list of notable public figures such as FloRida, 50 Cent, Cardi B, and a few others that remain confidential.

Angela’s roots started in Israel. Her first stop here in the U.S. was Tampa, Florida back in 2005, where Angela learned an entirely new culture that was American life, but was determined to live a better life, Angela immediately attended the Beauty & Health Institute after graduating high school 2 years later, becoming an Electrologist, Laser Technician, and Face Expert, as well as learning all medical spa and plastic surgery business areas while aggressively promoting herself and her business.

Angela opened her first business back in 2009 right in Tampa where she started, but was on a quest for more as Angela made a trip to Miami where Angela, who was a single mother and in need of expanding her business to new heights, decided to make the move down to Miami in 2012, where PERFECTION Med Spa met its highest success ever, experiencing all the services that business mogul has to offer.

Angela also confesses that the road to greatness was not always soft and smooth, Angela was heavily promoting her business by doing all kinds of guerrilla marketing, including passing out flyers, where Angela handed a flyer to a woman driving a BMW, and the woman threw the flyer back at her, Angela was not deterred, Angela kept pushing, and declared that one day, she was going to own a BMW, just like that woman who was unkind to her in that moment.

And at the 10th anniversary party for PERFECTION Med Spa last night, Entrepreneur, Carissa Rossi, hearing that story about Angela and the BMW was very touching, and it just goes to show you, and anybody else reading this piece, or learning about Angela’s story that you need to be nice to people, because you never know what those people you treat good or bad will become one day.

Courtesy: Angela Kogan

The story continues to be written for Angela, as Angela plans on expanding into one or two major cities where details will come soon.

Want to experience Angela’s PERFECTION Med Spa first hand? Check out PERFECTION Med Spa in Sunny Isles, FL, Miami, FL, and Las Vegas, NV.

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