Kristin Cavallari celebrates 5 years of Uncommon James

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Build, Not Sorry

Not too long ago at the end of April, Kristin Cavallari marked 5 years that she’s had her wildly successful Uncommon James brand of jewelry, skincare, and kids wear where it’s been nothing but white hot from day one, plus Kristin has 3 UJ stores in Nashville, Tennessee, Chicago, Illinois, and Dallas, Texas, all deemed proven winners with her fans, entrepreneurs, and the fashion industry.

Kristin realizes as she gets older, everything in her life has been building blocks where everything starts to make sense, leading Kristin to create Uncommon James in the first place, that’s why Kristin is thankful and proud of all the work she’s done with Uncommon James professionally, and that none of this would be possible without loyal consumers like you.

Ever wonder where celebrities like Cardi B & Flo Rida go for world renown cosmetic care? 

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