Alison Stroming raises funds for Pride Month with Capezio namesake collection ballet class

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

We ❤️ Ballet Black W/ Color

Over in the heart of Midtown Manhattan at Capezio’s flagship store here on New York City’s Broadway, we brought attention to a noteworthy cause to celebrate the month we’re in, it’s Pride Month here in New York City and across the country, so Alison Stroming today held a one hour Ballet class in-person and livestream to raise awareness for Pride Month via “It Gets Better Project” that connect the youth of the LGBTQ+ through storytelling and education.

Yours truly (Daniel plus Lauren) not only test drive black tights from Capezio, but also participated in a live in-person Ballet class that got young and old involved across the country to not only show off what you’ve learned as a Ballerina male or female at any level, but to show how much you love all human beings in the world, which also is the youth of the Lesbian and Gay community coast to coast.

The “It’s Get Better Project’s” mission is to uplift, empower, and connect lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) youth around the globe, a non-profit that reaches millions of young people each year through inspiring media programming, educational resources, international affiliates in 19 countries, and access to an arsenal of community-based service providers.

Born in Recife, Brazil and raised in New York City, Alison spent her life since she was 9 years old in the world of Ballet, primarily with ABT (American Ballet Theater) becoming an accomplished Ballet Dancer or Ballerina, now Alison resides in Los Angeles, California being a budding Ambassador for Capezio, as well as launching her own “Alison Stroming” dance wear collection via Capezio with an abundance amount of color that fits the aspiring Ballerina in you while celebrating the strength that is Pride Month this June and every June with all its bold colors spelling out love.

Daniel Quintanilla

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