Asana postures down work behavior with relaxed work furniture at ICFF/ WantedDesign

Courtesy: Asana

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With all the work we need to get done each day in the office or working from home (on the couch or Starbucks), the sitting position we start out at at 9 a.m. on the dot is not the same position we’re in at 2:30 p.m. or a little earlier, our bodies move around constantly to get more comfortable, the desk at work or home has limitations, and our behavior changes each hour depending on workload, even for Daniel plus Lauren who writes in many comforts, sitting positions change after such time, that’s why yours truly in-between ICFF/ WantedDesign in New York City 2 weeks ago came across Asana, who designed work furniture for the office and also home that adapts to your body’s behavior throughout the day.

Courtesy: Asana

Asana was created by Hasan Zaidi, who’s company is Hasan Zaidi Design, LLC, Asana which in Sanskrit means sitting down posture in yoga, Asana collection is modular furniture ideal for a shared work environment, or any other work environment that calls for it, that improves not only the quality of your work, but designed to improve the flexibility and posture of your body as your work day goes on.

Asana furniture is designed to adjust to the movement of your body while your working, because your body’s behavior does not stay the same for your entire 8 hour work day, you got to stretch your legs, get more comfortable as your tasks and duties increase, Asana is work furniture that’s considered to be behavioral furniture, a piece that includes an adjustable table to accommodate how you’re sitting while working on your laptop, as well as a work light that moves with you while settling into your day.

Courtesy: Asana

Throughout the last 2 years of COVID19, we’ve had to hunker down and pivot to working at home, we found that we did this task without issue, we felt much safer at home from this deadly virus, and were more relaxed working from Zoom which led to being more productive, so those who’ve had to go back into the office have demanded more of a work at home feel, abandoning the pre-pandemic constricted work setting of chair, desk, and cubicle, calling for less restrictive environments and amenities suitable to you.

For Hasan Zaidi, who grew up in Connecticut, primarily the New England area, there’s a pragmatic thinking to everything, rhyme and reason for all the things you do, Hasan designed Asana to improve the condition of the human body while you go about your everyday job if it calls for you to sit down all day, it’s a chance to reduce the body ailments that develop from staying in one position for too long, plus encouraging you to live a more active lifestyle, as well as connect to others at work, or outside of it.

Courtesy: Asana

For the most part, Asana that’s created with an all-out East Coast vibe, aims for that all-important West-Coast relaxed lifestyle that live their lives in the most robust and active way possible, where easy going is their thing, but Asana’s also perfect for those who needs as much ease as possible right now no matter where you are coast to coast, Asana can could improve your at-work behavior just by investing in a shared work environment that inspires your employees to be more productive at their careers, and also do great things once you’ve punched out of the office.

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