Lauren Conrad reveals having ectopic pregnancy after Row V Wade overturned

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Hitting Home The Hardest

Four days following the United States Supreme Court overturning Row Vs. Wade after being a precedent for women for nearly 50 years, Lauren Conrad breaks her silence today that this seismic decision passed down was hard for Lauren to come to terms with, because Lauren was in a similar situation when starting a family 6 years ago, and how her reproductive organs had to be saved, in order for Lauren to have the 2 healthy children she has now.

This was an ectopic pregnancy, Lauren’s Fallopian tubes had to be saved so Lauren could carry her 2 pregnancies to term, it was the prompt medical care Lauren got from Doctors that enabled them to save her Fallopian tubes.

However, Lauren reveals she read a similar story about another patient who was in Lauren’s position, but their outcome is was more grim because their Doctor had to contact their Lawyer about using a D&C as a tool to help establish the diagnosis of the ectopic pregnancy, the Doctor feared he’d lose his license, but while the patient was awaiting that procedure, she was facing death if it wasn’t treated promptly.

While Lauren is extremely grateful for the prompt care she received by her Doctors in order for Lauren to have the 2 beautiful children she has now, there are many women out there with their own personal experiences about abortion and reproduction, they’re affected differently by it, it can be scary, sad, and confusing, all Lauren ask is that you talk, listen, and respect a woman’s choice about what she does with her body.

And hopes that someday that every women has access to the healthcare she needs and the freedom to decide what happens to her body.

Daniel plus Lauren also goes in-depth with an OP ED about the true intentions of the Anti-Abortion Activist, if their heart’s in the right place.

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