OP ED: Are Anti-Abortion activist true to the mission of overturning Row V Wade?

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Where’s Your Heart?

On Friday, the Supreme Court overturned Row V Wade after nearly 50 years of existence, allowing a woman the right to have an abortion without criminal action and being provided the utmost care by a clinic who provide proper care without harm, as well as this being a private matter for the woman to deal with.

While this indeed was a devastating day for millions of women across the country, it was truly a monumental day for the ones who’ve been opposing abortion for nearly the life of Row V Wade, all the men, and women fighting against this issue their whole lives, something they never thought would happen in their lifetime.

It also was clearly a dark day for the one writing this piece because of the possible limitations and lack of options as an alternative that are ahead, leading to scary scenarios not only affecting women, but men, and all humans young and old for years to come.

So now we place blame on one group who’ve been led to end legal abortion, the anti-abortion activists, they say they’re pro-life, checks and balances that want life before and after to be preserved, but is that their true clear cut opinion?

Absolutely not, demonstrators opposing abortion walk blindly into this fight for whatever reason they have, it’s not for the right reasons, they don’t think about the repercussions this has on women, nor are they pushing alternatives to abortion without overturning Row V Wade like protection during sex, contraceptives, improving education for all human beings, and eliminating gender pay gap.

The anti-abortion activist reason for joining this fight is merely to belong, showing that they’re not an outcast, hiding their fanaticism for religion, or any other obsession they may have, purely on the same level of someone who loves sports, or even a public figure they want to get close to, even if it means harming that public figure, they’re led on a mission to fight for life thanks to the likes of the late Jerry Falwell, who spawned the Fight For Life movement in the mid-1980’s that led states to put limitations on abortion, such religious leaders are fanatics themselves, purely for their own satanic reasons whether to justify their Christian obsession, personal, political, and financial gain, or hide their own skeletons deeper in the closet which can destroy them.

Like Christian leaders, Politicians, and possible financiers leading the fight to end all abortions, the anti-abortion activist has chosen, and has succeeded in overturning Row V Wade without there being viable alternatives that will ensure a woman, her child, and even their spouse are in a good place to raise a family from birth through college.

At some point, Jane Row, the architect to Row V Wade was converted to be anti-abortion, even going far as being baptized in front of the cameras, but confessed near the end of her life she went back to being pro-choice, and was always pro-choice, confessing that she was duped by anti-abortion activist into opposing abortion at some point in her life.

The anti-abortion activist has now put women in a scary place when she has an unplanned pregnancy, limiting her options and accessibility to proceed with an abortion that will allow her continue on her path to create their future.

We are now a country divided, with 26 states planning to limit or eliminate abortion, while the other 24 keep abortions legal, it’s also a new fight between the haves and the have nots, having the means to get an abortion as soon as possible.

Yes, Row V Wade must be reinstated by the Supreme Court, they must not also go after Gay rights, keeping Row V Wade in place will give women piece of mind about choosing the option to abort if ever they’re in that situation, plus you need alternative options to abortion like protection, contraceptives, a strong economy for both men and women, and eliminating gender pay gap as a way to reduce abortions without overturning Row V Wade.

And the anti-abortion activist must be considerate, loving, and understanding about those who are pro-choice, even going as far as stressing options that could lead women not to choose abortion without being straight forward anti-abortion but no alternative in sight, they would want the same love if ever they were in a situation where they’d have no choice but to abort their baby.

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