Supreme Court bans EPA carbon footprint regulations, Informa sees bright future for fashion sustainability

Courtesy: ABC News/ Supima

The Environment Next

The United States Supreme Court today laid down another monumental move that could impact the world we live in, it bans the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate the nation’s carbon footprint which is responsible for emitting greenhouse gases that could have a peril affect on our environment, and greatly affect climate change, reports ABC News.

The Biden Administration fought tooth and nail to have net zero carbon admissions by 2030, relying on The Green New Deal to be taken into effect, looking to more organic sources easily broken down, as well as wind and solar power for energy.

Also today, Informa released a 2022 Sustainability Report, laying out the sourcing process where industries such as Cotton are preparing for the day that we finally declare sustainability in fashion a new and final normal to protect our environment from carbon admissions, eliminating fast fashion in favor of garments of all kinds sustaining a longer life.

Daniel Quintanilla

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