Nick Cordero remembered in 2 year anniversary of his death, now considered new ‘birthday’

Courtesy: Amandakloots Instagram

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Today was the day 2 years ago on July 5, 2020, after a 95 day battle with COVID19, Nick Cordero, died from the virus, with his widow, Amanda Kloots, fighting tooth and nail everyday to save Nick, Amanda overnight remembered this 2nd anniversary of Nick’s death with a short video montage, but also no longer declaring it his death day, but a new birthday of sorts for Nick.

It was last year on the one-year anniversary that Amanda’s girlfriend told her about a dream she had about Nick, this beautiful dream had everybody at a party, then came Nick, the girlfriend asked Nick why he was there, Nick responded that today was his birthday, coming back to celebrate the life that he loved.

Reframing this day as being Nick’s death which indeed was the hardest day for Amanda and her son, Elvis, and there never being a day that Amanda doesn’t miss Nick, Amanda now declares July 5 as Nick’s “new birth”, and from now on, will be a new day to celebrate Nick’s birthday instead of mourning his death.

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