Naked Rebellion’s nude intimates inclusive at Curve New York

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

“You Will Be Found” (Dear Evan Hansen)

Curve New York at Spring Studios here in Tribeca today is filled with the most exciting lingerie/ intimates apparel that you can find, so many colors and shapes to choose from, matching the mood and feel you’re looking for, but lingerie historically has not been kind to the color of your skin, it’s always made you feel out of place if you found it difficult to raise your voice, more so to fit in, inclusivity has become extremely prominent in every industry, even lingerie, that’s where Naked Rebellion is found, also finding every beautiful woman who’s felt their culture color is not recognized.

Naked Rebellion since its launch in 2019 has made it their absolute mission to show off every skin color there is in the world by creating beautiful lingerie that matches their skin, it’s nude lingerie that comes in a variety of shades starting at light to medium flesh colors for the true Caucasian woman that also includes Asian and light skinned European Spanish, medium to dark begins with the Central/ South American Latinx woman, and importantly hitting all skin tones of the Black Woman from light to dark skin, every nude is addressed.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

The consumer base of the Naked Rebellion movement keep responding tremendously to finding their unique nude, nudes like cream, cappuccino, honey, mocha, caramel, and black are top sellers because it’s high quality underwear that speak to the color of their nude, Naked Rebellion also has boob tape, and one-piece lingerie bodysuits that follow the same nude credo as their bra and panty counterparts, but also have prints, and options of full back or thong, plus all Naked Rebellion pieces are reversible.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Also making the joyous moment of finding your very own nude skin tone even more monumental is Naked Rebellion’s Tank Bra, this bra is truly comfortable because of its near sports bra design, including high quality mesh that reduces constriction at crucial times of the day or night, allowing for your breasts to breathe with no worry about compression or heat.

The little black dress works no matter what skin tone you are, what also works is wearing pieces and undergarments that compliment the color you were born with, wearing Naked Rebellion that tells you that you are not just another assumed color, you are beautiful, you are real, you are sexy, you are gorgeous, and you have been found.

Daniel Quintanilla

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