Threads redefines hosiery at Curve New York

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

It’s A New Day

Curve New York is the place to take what you thought you knew about lingerie and leg wear, and change it up for a much-needed market that’s lived under a form and function which has been unchanged for a very long time, today is no different where the rules off undergarments keep changing each day, following the changing bodies of women and men, one brand that’s breaking the mold here in New York City at Spring Studios is Threads, hosiery that’s addressing the needs ignored for so long.

Threads was founded by Xenia Chen in 2018, who with her day to day job, had to wear tights everyday, but was extremely frustrated at the inconsistency of tights, where the hosiery market only had 2 sides to the story, one was buying a European brand that’s been around for 200 years costing nearly the amount of years it’s been in business, or stopping in the drugstore to buy a $10 or less pair of tights that broke on you shortly after you put them on.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Tights have not changed since the 1970’s, due entirely to the hosiery market sticking to one design with very little innovation ever since, Threads break away from standard tube leg design almost like contortion, creating the Threads Sheer Contour Tights that are more realistic to a woman’s body measurements, with 1 to 2 inch longer enhanced leg length eliminating double crotch, reinforced foot/ toe based on real measurements, waistband that hugs you the right places without slipping or digging, and enhanced bum lift that creates a flattering butt.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Threads does not just make tights for women, but also makes tights for men, Threads TFM Sheer Fly Contour Tights addresses the spiking amount of men who wear tights because they’re transgender, cross-dressing, dressing in drag, or cis-heterosexual men who need leg comfort, designed to have a brief with fly with a supported pouch for convenience and comfort, plus brief area is carefully hand-sewn with flat seams and a cotton gusset at the front for maximal breathability.

Threads tights for both women (unisex) and men are made at the highest quality in Italy, with mainly polyamide, elastane, and cotton, creating microfiber double-covered yarn that’s super-comfortable and less likely to static or stick on your clothes, and designed to last much longer thanks to 3D construction.

Threads meet in the middle to be the perfect pair of tights at an affordable price, Threads are on a mission to create the perfect tights, but first take a problem first approach, surveying 100 to 200 people, asking what they like about tights…. and what they don’t like about tights, Threads then design their tights based on gathered data to try and create affordable tights that a woman and man will buy, and continue buying every time they need a pair of tights.

Just like Daniel plus Lauren is, Threads is truly a digital native brand that sells their tights strictly online, Threads also thanks their success to advertising on social media, where Threads found not only women, but discovered their male demographic, who Threads thought at first we’re buying tights for their wives, but digital research found men were buying Threads for themselves.

Daniel Quintanilla

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