PROJECT New York SS23 by Patricia Ann Parenti

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


After 2 years this men’s tradeshow returned to NYC at Iron 23 on July 18 – 19, 2022. This show was all about the new Gender-Neutral trend that is happening in fashion right now. Some other terms used are Gender Fluid meaning fluidity or freedom away from traditional gender identities and Non-Binary. What this means is that clothing is meant to be worn by people that identify with neither male/female but a combination of both sexes. Some examples of this trend are sheer blouses and satin trousers for men and don’t forget the pearl necklaces. Whereas these trends use to be only for women before except for rock and roll guys or other stage performers. Other fashion trends were long shorts to the knee and big bell bottom pants that looked like they were right out of the 1970s. All the brands I interviewed are part of Informa Markets Fashion for Change incubator program that was created to elevate and support new design talent for minority-owned brands. WWW.PROJECTFASHIONEVENTS.COM

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


Arie, whom I interviewed told me the story that he came from Toranto to live in NYC to “dive into fashion”. He rose up from being homeless but still made his own clothes and dressed up to go “clubbing” at night to Raves, and rich kid parties where he networked to get ahead. In a motel he started screen printing tee Shirts with slogans such as “Pussy Builds Strong Bones” and by building this tee shirt collection got him out of homelessness. ✊ In Spanish the name La Ropa means clothes. After tee shirts he made cut and sew sweats, flared jeans faux fur vest, trucker hats and biker jackets. Look at his cool motif with red lips outlined in black on the floor in photo and on black socks. Everything is made in Los Angeles, CA so you know you are getting high quality. Prices retail: Hats-$200.00, Jackets $700.00 – $1,300.00, Jeans $500.00, Shirts $300.00. You can either buy on the website or go in person in the store and have Arie help you pick out some great items for yourself. WWW.LAROPA.LIFE The store is located at 441 Broadway at Howard Street, New York, NY 10013. Open 12 – 7 PM everyday

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


All clothing is sustainable and from recycled fabrics that are made in Los Angeles for quality control. Black owned brand that focuses on Inclusive Fashions or in other words Gender-Neutral clothes for everybody. The inspiration for the collection is Glam Rock in the 1970s. Fabrics used are recycled polyester and organic wool and cotton. Pant sizes are 29 – 36, tops and jackets sized Small to X Large. Since this is Gender Neutral put are men’s sized, I’m going to tell you what size women’s pants I wear and translate it into this brands pant size. I wear women’s size 6 pant at H & M which fits me perfectly and here I would wear size 29 pants. The slogan for this brand is “Fashions are expressions of Love” and “Fashion are Climate Action”. Prices $200.00 – $1,300.00. Available online in November WWW.SOV-ER-EIGN-TY.COM

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


These designers (see photo) are from the Bronx, NY so it was fun talking to them because I live in NYC where Hip Hop rules! One of the partners K$ace started with one necklace that turned into a clothing, footwear, jewelry and hat collection called Reason which is based on communication and humanity. Unfortunately, his 1st collection blew up in a house fire and as you can see this is where the name for the business comes from. Everything is made in Atlanta, GA . PayPal put on his first fashion show that gave him his big break. As you can see the theme is Retro Hip Hop and 1980s Fashion. Some cute styles are wool bucket hats with jewels that are total Gender Neutral and comes in 8 colors at $124.00 retail. Jewelry features pearls and lockets in 925 Silver and Swarovski Stones (high quality materials) that is handmade with their logo on the back and retails for $218.00. Patchwork and applique clothing tells a story of cruelty and compassion. Flags and patchwork are mixed together to bring world peace together. Clothing retails from $200.00 – $300.00 and sizes S – XXL WWW.WHENSMOKECLEARS.COM

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


The designer in the photo got tired of people asking her about tee shirts at tradeshows because as we all know tee shirts are a staple of people’s wardrobes these days. So, in return she decided to make 6 different tee shirts to shut them up and call the collection “EVERYBODY WANTS A FUCKING TEE SHIRT” 🤣 Her tee shirts concentrate on social and political issues with slogans such as “Spare Some Change” which is about homelessness, “A Ward of State” meaning a feeling that you belong to the Government by being in prison or foster care and another one that says “Choice” that is about Roe vs Wade an abortion law. The line is about changing the world thru fashion by bringing awareness of major social issues in the USA. The fabrics are upcycled, natural cotton, linen and wool. Tee shirts are 100% cotton. Some of the pieces not in my photo are made of functional fabrics that are knife, bulletproof and fire resistant. Prices $75.00 – $3,200.00. Sizes XS – XL All made in NYC WWW.CHELSEA-GRAYS.COM

Patricia Ann Parenti

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