daisyd and friends greets you whimsically at NY NOW

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Friends In Pop Culture

It’s day 2 of NY NOW here at the Javits Center in New York City, and it’s as hopping and vital as ever, with tremendous foot traffic seeing vendors offering home decor, fashion, and interest items that are home-ish and used outside your home in the real world, you need as much humor as possible to face the tough decisions and pitfalls of life, you need daisyd and friends who do nothing but greet you all-year-round on every item possible.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Made up of 27 different designers here throughout the Northeast part of the United States, daisyd and friends lets all those creators express themselves and the world around them on pins, coffee mugs, and greeting cards, daisyd and friends tap into the icons of pop culture like “Ted Lasso” Elton John, “Clueless”, Lady Gaga, and “The Golden Girls” to give you a much-needed boost to your birthday, the holidays, and even just a regular day that makes your work day a little more worth while.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

While most greetings encourage you to live another day, other greetings like “I’m Very Busy” or “I’m Not Your Therapist” also keep you in line with the sole purpose to motivate you into dealing with your problems outside work and don’t bring them on the job, plus there are those very blunt birthday greetings that force you to look at who you are as a person.

Merging pop culture with ongoing issues of the day that turn into a life-long struggle, plus stark reminders that you are wonderful each and everyday, daisyd and friends for the past 2 decades and into the future are on a mission to save this world from turmoil with their whimsical greeting cards, plus greeting card gestures transferred onto other items in very colorful and pop culture-fied ways, leaving you referring Elton John as “I’m Still Standing”.

Daniel Quintanilla

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