NY NOW’s mission for genuine leather with German Fuentes

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Let’s Get Real

There’s only one place to find real of anything with your handbags, accessories, or clothing collections, it’s at NY NOW at the Javits Center here in New York City, where the latest fashions can be found along with an array of home decor vendors, a clear cut look at what the brand’s about, and what it’s made of, nothing is more clean and honest about where leather comes from, which can be answered by German Fuentes.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

From start to finish, German Fuentes specializes in only genuine real leather when making their handbags or all kinds in an elaborate selection of colors that pop at every corner, only to get boosted by the real leather that brightens up handbags in every way possible.

German Fuentes for 7 years this brand has existed has found its popularity with the crossbody bag, consisting of long chains or drawstring handles that you can easily wear across your body, clutches, purses, and traditional handbags are made to be the best handbag possible because you’re able to wear it as a crossbody handbag.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

The newest item to German Fuentes’s family of real leather handbags are what the young people are wearing, wristlet handbag, midsize handbags you can wear around your wrist, and you can also wear as a crossbody bag thanks to its gold chain handle that uplifts your body to new heights.

No matter the size handbag you require, German Fuentes has a genuine real leather handbag for you that’s shipped right out of its Miami, Florida headquarters and are made-to-order soon after you put your buy in, you can be trendy, or you can be traditional, and still look hot with its bright shiny colors, gold chain body straps, and real leather for that extra shine.

Daniel Quintanilla

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