Curve New York declares Pulp Culture libation of choice

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Drink On

Every time you attend a premier trade show like Curve New York lingerie trade show at Spring Studios earlier this month in New York City, you are welcomed to sample the products Curve New York partners itself with for each show, this year’s welcomed guest for us trade show attendees for all 3 days was Pulp Culture, a very adult, alcoholic drink that’s very good for you, replacing empty ingredients with much-needed nutrients.

What is Pulp Culture? Pulp Culture is hard pressed juice, enhanced by superfoods and adaptogens, that supports active, healthy lifestyles, it’s a drink for all kinds of people, whether your an Athlete, Parent, Gamer, Designer, a Journalist like yours truly (Daniel plus Lauren), an everyday winner of life, you name it, Pulp Culture is wild fermented, it also consist of 6 billion plus Probiotics.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Pulp Culture starts with high-quality cold pressed juice, the basis for a premium functional beverage.

Through Pulp Culture’s wild fermentation process, 100 percent of the naturally occurring sugars are converted into alcohol, 4.9 percent ABV alcohol that is.

This results in a 0 sugar, low-calorie (100 calories), 4.9 percent alcoholic beverage full of functional ingredients like super mushroom and probiotics.

And you can find Pulp Culture with its 5 naturally fermented juices of THINK, HUSTLE, RESTORE, PLAY, and RELAX with also its super mushroom power of tapping into the super power that focus, energy, stress relief, sleep, and immune support can become, at Whole Foods, BevMo, Erewhon, and Total Wine & More.

Daniel Quintanilla

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