AdoreMe proves Next Gen lingerie at Hi-Tech Moda via New York Fashion Week

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla


AdoreMe got the be seen first hand by Daniel plus Lauren on Friday night here at New York Fashion Week for Hi-Tech Moda at the Edison Ballroom, where AdoreMe is not just a typical lingerie line of bras and panties, AdoreMe stands for the future of the intimate apparel industry.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

AdoreMe makes itself accessible to all shapes and sizes, inclusivity is the biggest player in the roots of AdoreMe, AdoreMe has also sent a message to former victor, Victoria’s Secret, that the angels do not rule the underwear world anymore, it’s all about feeling confident, and feeling good in your own skin, without the need to be size 6 or below.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

AdoreMe is one of a kind lingerie that makes you feel welcomed as a woman, where it’s designer portrayed that message when he spoke before and after the runway show, because we’re in a time when attention needs to be paid to social issues across the globe, and when women need more self-assurance that they’re worth more than what they’re pigeon-holed to be.

Daniel Quintanilla

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