Lauren Conrad celebrates Halloween becoming ‘Alice In Wonderland’

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There are 3 stages of November 1 you know your at today, one is that January 1 feel after another Halloween goes in the history books, two is those Halloween decorations go right in plastic tubs with Christmas decorations standing by, 3 is where Daniel plus Lauren is at, setting their sites on cooking yet another Thanksgiving dinner later this month, if it’s not those 3, then here’s another stage of November 1 you’re at (Daniel plus Lauren also too), Halloween Hangover, wanting just one more piece of Halloween as Mariah Carey claims the next 75 days till Christmas, we’ve got the Halloween Hangover right here, and it’s all thanks to the one lady who inspired the creation of Daniel plus Lauren, Lauren Conrad, ten feet tall.

Lauren finally revealed her Halloween costume of 2022 on Monday by taking the rabbit hole approach, dressing up as “Alice In Wonderland”, ready for that important date she’s been planning for quite some time now, tea time, with many of her all important friends.

Lauren beautifully navigates the bedrock beneath street level while growing tall by the minute wearing true “Alice In Wonderland” attire, Lauren wears classic blue puffy short sleeve dress with white drapery stitched in front, it’s also accompanied with white knee highs and black ballet flats, then the cherry on top comes in black with the exact black bow tie headpiece as a finishing touch to this “Alice In Wonderland” look that Lauren Conrad apparently made herself.

If you want even more Halloween Hangover, or just want to feel all the best moments Halloween has to offer, relive the NYC Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, an exciting, fun (rainy too), and scary good live event in Manhattan that only Daniel plus Lauren can experience it.

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