New York City’s Fashion Reverie Has the Ho-Ho-Holidays Fashionably Covered

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It’s no secret that Fashion Reverie knows a thing or two (or a million!) about fashion… just read their name… but this year, with the nation back in full swing post the COVID-19 pandemic, and no signs of any snarls along the way (except that holiday traffic you could encounter on your way home this holiday over the next 7 days), the editorial team over at Fashion Reverie is feeling particularly festive and has covered the Holiday season like they’ve never done before.

While the pages are packed full of shopping ideas regardless of the season, for Holiday, whether it’s Christmas you’re celebrating, or Hanukkah for all of 8 nights, and even if you’re celebrating both holidays back to back, plus New Year’s Eve to ring in 2023, the editors have pulled together a guide specifically targeted at the man in your life, who is probably the hardest to buy for on your yearly shopping list.

Fashion Reverie Founder & Editor in Chief, William Gooch explains, “for this holiday shopping season, now that we are in the post pandemic era, we really tried to bring our audience gift options that they will not necessarily think of and likely won’t find on other gift guides. For example, we suggested some left field ideas like a gift certificate to his favorite food place, or a grooming kit that is targeted for the ‘land down under’ that he may not be willing to buy himself, but you wish he would!  Our guide is specifically targeted just to the man who may already have the proverbial ‘everything’.”  

William continues, “Because Fashion Reverie looks to all things fashion & style from a variety of perspectives, we also compiled a list of fashionable holiday cocktails that will leave you wanting to stay in all night!  But don’t worry, if you want to get out of the house, we even came up with a list of Holiday travel destinations that may surprise you. In fact, one of them is in my very own back yard!”

The Five Festive Holiday Cocktails list gives you five new reasons to build a fire with friends. Be ready to get your socks knocked off with these cocktails, holiday cheer can be found in true libation levity such as vodka, whisky, martini, Prosecco, and Malibu Original that take good ole wholesome nature’s candy like fruit and spices that turn a cozy fire into a rousing good time this holiday. Find the list, complete with recipes at this link.


If you’re in the mood to venture a bit further than your cocktail cart for the holidays, Fashion Reverie has some suggestions that you may not have thought of. You’ve got to be a lover of the cold, and Christmas if you’re in search of a Christmas town that carries Christmas pride all-year-round, plus finding cold-ridden cities where the awe of their presence, name, and history are hot enough to make you forget about the Winter, and if you just want to stay warm this Christmas, outside your New York City apartment, then board the next flight to the hottest destination that reaches a high of 80 degrees 365 days of the year (366 in leap years). In the list of Picks for Holiday travel, you can choose hot, cold, remote, or festive… “Your choice, our list,” enthuses William!

Don’t worry if your holidays are already booked… these destinations will bring a relaxed holiday vibe to your time whenever you choose to visit. Christmas is such a beloved holiday, that once the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve to usher in the new year, you find yourself either planning for Christmas 2023 by buying decorations or fitting your home for next year’s Christmas outdoor display, or you can just board the next red eye where Fashion Reverie’s Christmas town pick is just a booked flight away so you can continue your Christmas experience after January 1st passes.


And a little note from Daniel plus Lauren, if you’re still planning out your Christmas/ Hanukkah/ New Year’s Eve goals that will wind down 2022 and ring in 2023, just in time to make your New Year’s Resolutions (but not just yet), take a look at this Iowa mom who has her entire holiday plans laid out day by day, planning snacks and activities right around her kids who will arrive home this weekend for the holidays, even taking request from others if they could be adopted into her family to get a taste of her goodies this holiday season.

And if you’re in need of not only New Year’s Eve plans, but you want to ring in 2023 in utter, and expensive taste, take a look back at this 2018 NYE piece by Daniel plus Lauren where Joonbug provides high-end and high-priced options to usher in what was then 2019, where you can see the ball drop in Times Square with all the drinks and trimmings offered, but without standing in Times Square for 16 hours.

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