Lauren Conrad shuts down namesake blog, in pursuit of fashion and family

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The Core Of What Matters

Lauren Conrad made a tough decision on Monday in the name of what brings out the true LC at its core, Lauren has decided to shut down the blog part of, which has been the true destination that is Lauren Conrad, sharing her insights on lifestyle, health, fashion, and beauty for nearly 12 years, all starting back in late April 2011, in a tremendously big way, which not only complemented LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s which was then just a year and a half old, but it was indeed a big push by Lauren and her team to be the one and only premiere destination, not only to show off Lauren at her best, but to get a snap shot at what’s been going on in Lauren’s life after “The Hills”, from meeting hubby, William Tell, to bringing 2 lovely boys into this world.

Yes, the blog part of is shutting down, but the site itself is staying up, albeit the blog nor @laurenconradco Instagram will no longer be updated, the collection pages of, containing LC Lauren Conrad and Little Co. By Lauren Conrad, will continue to be updated regularly, as well as the Instagram pages of @lclaurenconrad and @lclittleco every time a new collection comes out every season, like with Little Co. By Lauren Conrad this Thursday, as the first drop of Spring 2023 is released.

Just like the world of blogging has evolved over the past 12 years since launched, while at the same time, places like TikTok and Instagram have gotten hold of the world’s footprint by leaps and bounds, Lauren too has evolved, now having a loving husband and 2 boys to come home too each and every day, plus there’s Lauren’s true passion of fashion, which you see everyday at Kohls, putting time into the blog takes away what Lauren’s true love and core love has always been, and what they’ve become, so Lauren worked less and less on blogging as Lauren became devoted to being a loving wife and mom, plus growing LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s over the last 5 years.

Also to her 1 million @laurenconradco Instagram followers, Lauren reminisced how during the heyday of blogging back in 2011, first came into this world as we’ve known it ever since, evolving from what was previously just a typical official celebrity website telling about where and when Lauren would make appearances, as well as video and images of past appearances on TV shows and book signings.

Lauren stresses that ever since that first day went live up till now, Lauren has made a wholehearted effort in making her destination website a special place for advice on how to improve your daily life, from healthy eating, exercise, party advice, and sharing valuable advice of marriage, children, and family, Lauren delivered too by taking feedback she received from visitors by taking suggestions to heart, and following through.

Lauren sought out to make a name for herself once reality TV ended, evolving from a personality to a full-fledge business woman, who ran many successful entities such as LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s, as well as LC Kohl’s spin-off, LC Little Co. back in 2020, and then there was the line of fictional books such as “LA Candy” and “The Fame Game” which were apart of the revolution in its infancy, then there was “Lauren Conrad Beauty” moving on from fiction, supplying beauty advice, products, and tips for a better you.

Now as, the website, takes on its next role of being a destination where it acts as a companion to LC Lauren Conrad, Little Co. By Lauren Conrad, or any other fashion related brand that Lauren creates, there is now plenty of room for places like @lclaurenconrad and @lclittleco to grow to their fullest potential, providing updates and sneak peeks to upcoming seasonal collections, as places like Instagram and TikTok are now the first stop into finding out what your favorite brand or celebrity are up to and what’s next, as well as @thelittlemarket Instagram, where it’s the first stop to what’s happening at The Little Market, a place for female artisans to make a living wage selling their handmade goods.

And most importantly, the place where everything comes together about Lauren’s life and her collections is Lauren’s very own @laurenconad Instagram page, where it now can be a primary place for Lauren to share all the exciting things happening at Kohl’s, The Little Market, and about husband, William Tell, and Lauren’s 2 boys, Liam James Tell, and Charlie Wolf Tell, it’s also an opportunity for Lauren to post videos on her reels page, as well as go live directly for greater fan engagement that will keep on growing from there moving forward.

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