PROJECT New York trade show reveals menswear for Fall/ Winter 2023-24 presented by Patricia Ann Parenti

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti


This Gender Fluid and Menswear Tradeshow was held January 24 – 25, 2023 at Iron 23 in NYC.  The beauty of this show is that you wouldn’t find too many established brands. Clothing and accessories were featured by new and up and coming designers which was a great idea because as a “Fashion Industry Pro” I feel stores and websites need to feature new products with a fresh perspective on fashion. On the mannequins are Gender Neutral trends alongside some traditional men’s styles from many designers that show on New York Mens Day which is part of New York Fashion Week. For more information on this show WWW.PROJECTFASHIONEVENTS.COM

I walked the aisles of Project New York to gather what I felt are the newest trends in the market. Sneakers are newest in Metalicas, glitter and a heavy platform sole. Denim is looking fresh in patchwork, embroidery and cropped jackets. Man skirts continue for the fashion forward guy. Pants look fresh with side slits but for the most part skinny legs are still in. 


Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

A unique and beautiful collection of jackets and pants totally handmade in India and designed by Shravan Kummar. These luxurious fabrics are hand woven in the designer’s own facility. Fabrics used are cotton, linen, hemp and cotton and silk blends with cotton linings and wood buttons. Just look at those lush colors in wines, olives, blues and ivory and know that all the dyes are sustainable and fabric/garments are dyed by hand. The wine and olive jackets in the lower left corner of the photo are ombre dyed by hand also. All the embroidery and surface ornamentation is all put on by hand by Artisans that have been preserving this craft for over 100 years. The dying, embroidery and sewing skills are all handed down in families from generation to generation. Prices for collection are $300.00 – $1,000.00 in sizes 38 – 40 – 42 for jackets and pants.  All these statement blazers would dress up a pair of skinny jeans and get you noticed by others. To buy these unique items.   WWW.OLDSOULFASHION.COM


Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

Now for some street fashion that is totally Gender Neutral. Easy, colorful and fun pieces that can be worn by anyone. Designed by Kevin and Ron that were raised in Los Angeles, California with the music business. They wanted to re-create their childhood beach scene in creating this collection. The concept of this line is taken from skateboarding, surfboarding and the music culture of the city. Everything is made in Los Angeles in mom-and-pop factories so they getting the best quality production possible all while giving people in that great city jobs. What attracted me to this booth was the use of color.  Hats retail $40.00 and sweatshirts are $200.00. Go shop WWW.FREEANDEASY.COM 

ONE 432

Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

The owner of the brand is Ammar who is from Pakistan and is now a Professor at Parsons School of Design in NYC. The slogan of this collection is about Craft, Cause and Community. The craft part is utilizing artisans from Pakistan to take scraps of washed denim and make into a patchwork fabric as seen in the top of the phone. Another craft is to take scraps of jersey and fleece to make jackets as seen on the bottom right in the photo. The cause is a mission to put 50% of profits of the company in schools in Pakistan. Community is using dead stock fabrics made in Pakistan. The same item is never made 2X. Sizes are XS – XXL with a price range of $88.00 – $225.00. To buy this collection in NYC go to Artist and Fleas in Chelsa Market at 10th Avenue and 15th Street in Manhattan, open every day from 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM. Can’t get to NYC than shop the website. WWW.ONE432.COM


Courtesy: Patricia Ann Parenti

Francis London started the company because in 11th grade in New Jersey he got picked on by his classmates because he came from Africa. He then read the book “The Ugly Duckling” and identified with it so much that he names his company after it. This is a premium streetwear brand that is Gender Neutral. Frances designed the camouflage print that comes in pink, orange, purple and military green in genuine leather duffle bags with shoulder straps that come with a matching scarf that retails for $800.00 and wallets that come in a gift box retailing at $350.00. A clever idea is the boarder of the scarf is repeated in the lining of the bag and wallet. The hoodie is in the military green camouflage print for $100.00 and can be seen in the top right-hand side of the photo. Puffer jackets come with a matching drawstring bag with slogans “Be Ugly or Be Normal”, to tote the jacket around with when it’s too hot to wear it. Sizes S – XXL with a retail of $450.00. Again, caring out his Ugly Duklyn theme are duffle bags/wallets where one side is a duck print and the other side is a swan print as worn by the designer himself in the upper right corner of the photo. To go buy this fun collection of matching items WWW.UGLYDUKLYN.COM

Patricia Ann Parenti

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