Oprah’s Favorite Things in bamboo fashion lands at NY NOW on ‘Cozy Earth’

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Feel It, Fall In Love

Here at NY NOW at the Javits Center in New York City’s Hudson Yards, the comforts of home are immediately felt with all the sights of dishes, kitchen faves such as cheeseboards, warm and stylish sweaters, pop culture icons sticking on your refrigerator, and handbags that know no season and go on for years on end, NY NOW on Sunday brought in an already harvested fine jewel thanks to its fame from “Oprah’s Favorite Things”, where these pieces of clothing and home decor make this planet a lot more breathable, it’s “Cozy Earth”, making 100 percent of bamboo to make your life better.

There are times where the fastest fashion trending any given season is just not feasible in your daily life, because you simply don’t feel like being cold in thin fabrics, you need a fabric that makes you feel good all the time, no overheating, and no extra layers required, that’s where Cozy Earth lands on solid ground with their own patented woven bamboo collection of loungewear that’s a level up from lingerie, cool fabrics that soft to the touch, and no one else can claim this one-of-a-kind fabric is their’s except Cozy Earth.

This is fabric that’s so cool, that it was handpicked as “Oprah’s Favorite Things” 5 years in a row, men and women will love taking this uniquely created bamboo loungewear also out for a test drive, going on errands, meeting up with friends, even going into work with bamboo loungewear that won’t make you tired while you’re on the job, days at the office can be wonderful, and the night shift can go by smoothly without you winking an eye.

Day or night, you can take that same Cozy Earth patented woven bamboo collection, and layer it over your mattress, because Cozy Earth offers bamboo bedding, consisting of bamboo sheets, pillowcases, and comforters; the secret to the love affair the world has with bamboo is one, it looks good, two, it’s versatile to improve the look and quality of your home in rugs, home decor, and furniture, and three, bamboo can also be worn, the sustainability of bamboo doesn’t stop there, bamboo has cooling properties that keep your body cool and dry, without heating you up or making you sweaty and tired, and without losing a moment of sleep all night with Cozy Earth’s woven bamboo bedding.

Cozy Earth’s woven bamboo also extends beyond loungewear and bedding, Cozy Earth offers tote bags made in 100 percent patented woven bamboo fashion, coming in golf bag/ duffel bag style and briefcase style to fit all your Cozy Earth items like Cozy Earth loungewear when you’re traveling, and wearing Cozy Earth during a flight to and from your destination and even to the airport are vital if you have to deal with travel headaches like cancelled flights and/ or over-extended layovers.

The season may be Fall/ Winter 2023-2024 that’s on display here at NY NOW, but Cozy Earth’s wholly own bamboo filled with loungewear, bedding, and tote bags are always in season no matter what time of year it is or 5 years from now, Cozy Earth is the bamboo you definitely want to invest in, your quality of life will improve, and it all starts with the right bedding for 8 hours sleep at night.

Daniel Quintanilla

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