Rago New York defines the girdle (shapewear) of the stars at Curve New York

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Are You In It To Win It???

Let’s start with the simple idea, you wanna be a star, you want the lead role, and you want to strut the red carpet, in all those dreams, there’s only one way to pull it off, body awareness, and super-enhancement that shows off the best you that you can pull off possible, but there’s only one way to look good in that little black dress for your movie premiere or The Academy Awards, it’s not old by no means, but it is bold, and definitely the answer, it’s the girdle, a fast and easy answer found here today at Curve New York by the original answer for the Hollywood stars, it’s Rago New York, the makers of the girdle that works.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Defined as the original shapewear for those who need to be red carpet ready, Rago New York has been doing girdles right since 1945, Rago New York builds its girdle on strong construction, an extra firm garment that also can be very comfortable responding to the call of duty for Hollywood’s big scene on and off set, America and the world also turn to Rago New York for beautiful detailed design with their girdle, cementing the fact that shapewear as it’s called now doesn’t have to be just black and beige, just look at the beautiful lace detail met mesh along with silk, watch out for the lovely patterns canvased on red bras, panties, and brassieres, women definitely feel confident wearing Rago New York for their big moment if not in Hollywood, but their very important special occasion, like Prom, or Wedding.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Shooting a television series and a movie for any actress whether in Hollywood or here in New York City requires long hours on set, weeks or months at a time, countless hours are spent getting each scene right, supporting actors and even background actors know the drill, and know the grind it takes to shoot just one scene, you wake up first thing at 3 a.m. or earlier, and it can go non-stop till the wee hours the next day, sometimes numerous night shoots take a toll on one’s mind, and body especially, either way, there’s very little time to stay within your archaic rhythm (no sleep), or even find the time to workout, lift weights, or even go out for a run if you can’t get up to run before your call time.

The result is actors gain weight outside their normal routine that’s non-existent, and it comes time for your big scene, then it’s the red carpet, production makes their first call to Rago New York, providing the best girdle (shapewear) with the strongest and most comfortable construction there is to take off 2 dress sizes in a matter of seconds, showing off your curves in the most flattering and perfect way a women can come to be satisfied, leaving Hollywood and the American people wanting more from their favorite actresses.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

All this week, everybody in the fashion industry is going to feel the pain of their waistline’s adding extra inches thanks to salt and booze, and no sleep, from extra small to 15XL, Rago New York are girdles that work, a design, fit, and quality driven company on a mission to shape the female figure in the most flattering and comfortable way, Rago New York has been featured on “Dr. Oz”, “O: The Oprah Magazine”, New York Post, InStyle Magazine, Glamour Magazine, and ABC’s “The View”; scripted dramas such as “The Notorious Betty Page”, and “Mad Men” have used Rago New York not only for red carpet, but for shooting those iconic scenes which require dresses from the 1960’s to be worn in the most beautiful way possible.

There’s only one place that Rago New York is designed, and manufactured, right here in New York City, a local garment company with a global strategy, bringing in clients from around the world, high waist panties shape your midriff, absolutely no rollover thanks to flexible support, shape your waist, hips, derrière, and thighs in just seconds, flatten your tummy thanks to no bulk lines, the Parisian lace design fabric contours your body, gripper lace prevents leg ride up, and The Contour Circle Shaping Bands are exclusive to Rago New York.

Not only do you get a girdle that works, but a girdle that knows no time limit, nor seasonal trends, it’s absolutely timeless to look extraordinarily beautiful for your big Hollywood moment, and even your big mainstream America moment that’s once in a lifetime, you will love the countless beautiful designs offered by Rago New York, silk that is fun to wear, panties that are effectively beautiful, and beautifully designed pieces that also earn the right to be worn by themselves.

Daniel Quintanilla

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