Fashinnovation reveals AI/ AR sobering fashion reality; also black empowerment pre New York Fashion Week

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

To A New World At Large

Fashinnovation, founded by Jordana & Marcelo Guimarães: today held its 8th Worldwide Talks, but for the first time, held it in person here at The Oculus at World Trade Center, down in The Canvas 3.0 NFT space, where the future of the fashion industry has given fashion in its current state a rude awakening, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality will indeed disrupt and upend all moving parts of fashion, from sizing, to clothing, to models, all of the above.

Senior Reporter, Dominic-Madori Davis, of TechCrunch, did a live discussion with WAYE Founder, Sinead Bovell, revealing how fashion will be a whole new industry once AI & AR are done disrupting it, expect to see new types of clothing like smart clothing, detecting a person’s body stats, measurements, weight, and health, plus see an ever-growing presence of smart glasses, giving you the power to find out needs and wants in a whole new way.

The bad news in what will be a watershed moment for fashion finally, and almost like the ending of the A24 film, “Midsommar”, but nothing drastic as that film’s horrific ending, the most horrific part of AI/ AR’s invasion we’ll see are the end of smart phones, thanks to smart technology evolving from the iPhone to other items and clothing in our lives.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

There’s even more seismic change coming to fashion through AI/ AR, once smart body detection gets perfected, accessible, and ready for market, AI/ AR (Avatar) models will also be created, allowing you to see how a model looks in your right size when buying clothes you want and need, eliminating the need for human models, let alone supermodels.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Throughout this seismic shirt that’s coming to the fashion industry, there will be new jobs and opportunities on the horizon, ranging for all shapes, sizes, ages, and races young and old, one part of the population that’s in need of encouragement is the young black men and women of the United States of America, Actor, Activist, and. Entrepreneur, Malik Yoba, addressed the importance of entrepreneurship being stressed upon the Black community, especially those young black kids being raised in impoverished parts of New York City, and other major cites across the country.

Malik Yoba, a New York City native from the South Bronx and Harlem, knew from a very young age how not everything in New York City looked the same, knowing the true difference between black, and white, most done by design, red zoned to keep the black man down all his life, Malik is best known for his 90’s role in the FOX hit crime drama, “New York Undercover”, he’s also the owner of his very own Real Estate development company, Yoba Development, where he uses his life long passion for property development, and his experience as an entrepreneur from a very young age, to better boroughs like the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan where Harlem is, to improve the quality of life for all black people young and old, making the neighborhoods they live in much better, giving young people a piece of the pie to be their own millionaires one day.

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Thanks to the power of NFT’s, the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence/ Augmented Reality, and the optimistic look at what the future could be if we empower all young people, especially the Black population to be the next great coding extraordinaire that turns into a billionaire, brands here at Fashinnovation such as Daniela Uribe, Decosta Verde, Modern Natured, and Kara Mac Shoes seen in image order starting at the line in pictures set in 4 up above are and will continue to enjoy consumer success, because of the unlimited talent these brand designers, sellers, and makers dispense day in and day out, so that we all can share in the experience of beautiful fashion, and self-made success, without anything standing in its way.

Daniel Quintanilla

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  1. I want to express my gratitude to Fashinnovation for shedding light on the sobering reality of fashion through the use of AI/AR. This innovative and informative approach has helped me to understand the impact of our fashion choices better and how we can make more best decisions in the future. Thank you for using technology to create awareness and inspire positive change in the fashion industry. Thank you for giving us your knowledge.

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