Adore Me celebrates New York dream at New York Fashion Week

Daniel Quintanilla

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For a very long time, the lingerie industry has catered to only one type of woman, the woman that is size 0 to size 6, paying very little attention to the woman above the 0 to 6 range, leaving out woman who are curvy, overweight, or somewhere in-between, and those who were not in the ideal bra and panty buying demographic to find other brands which were very few to choose from, let alone have any style to them, then came Adore Me, which walked its Fall and Winter 2023-2024 intimates collection this past February at New York Fashion Week at Gotham Hall, paying homage to its humble beginnings.

Daniel Quintanilla

Adore Me from the start stresses that it’s brand was founded based on a dream, to deliver an inclusive lingerie brand to women of all shapes and sizes, plus a variety of colors and sexy lace patterns just to name a few so that every woman feels included not only on the conversation, but invited, welcomed, and part of the shopping thrill of buying lingerie, eclipsing the idea of being left out.

Founded right here in New York City, Adore Me also had its roots to grow, conceived in a space that was a very tiny fraction of what Gotham Hall was for this show, and not too far from Gotham Hall itself, Adore Me went onto build on an intimates line that’s birth on the idea of being inclusive to all women, opposite the status quo that traditional lingerie lines stood by, ignoring the above size 6 market.

Thankfully, Victoria’s Secret, saw an opportunity to be more inclusive, sensitive, and sustainable to the intimates environment, so Victoria’s Secret announced in November that it acquired Adore Me for $400 Million, giving not only Victoria’s Secret an olive branch of opportunity to reach more women, but Adore Me the power, and freedom, to celebrate its size inclusive and environmentally sustainable even more than it has since being created here in New York City, rising to be the rage of all women in just a short amount of time.

Daniel Quintanilla

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