Jenna Ortega, Ashley Park, Brooklyn Beckham, & Kerry Washington jeweled for Met Gala by Dorazio PR

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There’s only one destination here on New York City Monday night that celebrities, business tycoons, and we here in the press could feel the utmost anxiety over (other than Gen Z), it was the Met Gala, the Anna Wintour iron fist event where Hollywood’s elite are invited annually to celebrate this year’s theme of Karl Lagerfeld, who designed for Coco Chanel in the 1990’s, the only way to a woman’s heart are diamonds and jewels, which Hollywood’s hottest, Jenna Ortega, Ashley Park, Brooklyn Beckham, and Kerry Washington were all Met Gala ready for, thanks to a good friend of Daniel Plus Lauren’s, Dorazio PR.

Dorazio PR

Jenna Ortega

Enter Jenna Ortega, who entered into our daily diet of binge watching on Netflix, thanks to the highly popular series, “Wednesday”, based off “The Addams Family”, also storming the scene as Hollywood’s new Gen Z “it” girl, Jenna graced this year’s Met Gala not only with a look that celebrates her “Wednesday” character, but Dorazio PR provided jewels that grown out of the big apple with Marli New York Diamond Jewels both earrings and rings, all styled by Enrique Melendez.

Dorazio PR

Ashley Park

Already a force with her amazing acting, singing, and dancing ability on Broadway, most notably with “Mean Girls on Broadway”, Ashley Park skyrocketed to super-stardom thanks to “Emily In Paris” currently on Netflix, and also the current number 1 series on Netflix, “BEEF”, Ashley got her taste of the yearly prom that is the Met Gala with sparkling transparency in black for her gown, Dorazio PR styled Ashley’s jewels with Joseph Saidian and Sons Vintage Diamond Necklace and Vintage Van Cleef Bracelet, plus Butani Diamond Drop Earrings, all styled by Erin Walsh.

Dorazio PR

Brooklyn Beckham

Soccer (Futbol globally) carries only one name that can be declared royalty, that’s David Beckham, plus he’s married to true girl group royalty, Victoria Adams (now Victoria Beckham) of the Spice Girls, they gave birth to a son that is Brooklyn Beckham, who not only didn’t stand or live off his superstar parents shadow, but cemented his own name via modeling and currently is a U.K. media personality, Brooklyn with his wife, Nicole Peltz Beckham, stood solid with their black and white look, along with Dorazio PR’s jewelry client list which includes Mikimoto Pearl Necklaces, also styled by Leslie Fremar.

Dorazio PR

Kerry Washington

By now, if you don’t appreciate what use to be appointment television, especially when it comes to “Scandal” last decade where for one hour a week, you designated yourself an honorary Gladiator, fighting the shark-infested waters that are the White House, the media, and Washington, D.C. with your red wine and popcorn at a surplus, then start binge-watching “Scandal” now with libations and foods recommended 2 lines up, Kerry Washington (a.k.a. Olivia Pope) held it together between romance and damage control, and once again stayed true to form, turning the little black dress into an understatement, Kerry’s look included well-constructed lace flower detailing, separating her dress into a two-piece like a bra top with black blazer, plus sparkling triangle skirt element also accompanied by Dorazio PR’s jewelry line that’s Mikomoto Pearl Diamond Choker & Earrings, Butani Pearl Diamond Ring at left hand, and Joseph Saidian & Sons Vintage Diamond Ring on the right, all styled by Rob + Mariel.

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