Taylor Swift’s ‘Bejeweled’ yellow gold earrings reveled by Candy Ice Jewelry

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Tonight, Taylor Swift performs for her third and final night in Philadelphia, PA before heading over to Boston, MA next weekend, continuing her sold out tour until early August, but the bigger question that Daniel Plus Lauren has right now is with Taylor’s “Bejeweled” music video, and where Tay Tay got those unforgettable earrings, Candy Ice Jewelry was all too proud on Friday and thereafter to say exactly that, they are Candy Ice Jewelry’s one-of-a-kind Regal Earrings.

Candy Ice Jewelry

These Regal Earrings are 14 karat yellow gold in 7.0 grams, sparkling in Garnet Square that’s 10 by 10 millimeters at 10.80 carat, and Light Amethyst Oval at 15 by 18 millimeters at 33.60 carat, natural gemstones which Candy Ice Jewelry founder, Lucy Kilislian has a discerning eye for precious gems and her talent for creating beautifully innovative pieces.

For those of you who have a nest egg, a savings account, a hedge fund, trust fund, mutual fund, or any kind of certified crypto investment you’re making a return off of at the moment, that’s just for you to spend on Taylor Swift, share the wealth of your Tay Tay fortune with Candy Ice Jewelry, where you can have these Regal Earrings seen in “Bejeweled” for just $4,500.00.

This was one of many moments captured at Lincoln Financial Field (Home of the Philadelphia Eagles) tonight in South Philadelphia, where it showed no signs of slowing down, though it’s bittersweet that Taylor Swift’s 3 day weekend homecoming is coming to a close, it’s slightly more bitter for Philadelphia sports fans, because the Philadelphia 76ers were eliminated from the NBA Playoffs earlier this evening by the Boston Celtics, the very next stop in Tay Tay’s tour next weekend at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA, where the New England Patriots play, and where Tom Brady once Quarterbacked.

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