After the Sold Out Premiere of TIED UP & TWISTED, Cabaret Burlesque Company Specializing in Parisian Strip Tease Presents its Second Evening of Acclaimed Performance


New York, NY – July 25, 2023

Following a delightfully sold out premiere of TIED UP & TWISTED at the Midnight Theater, The Cabaret Burlesque returns for an encore show of its captivating performance on August 19. In A Knotty Soiree: The Encore, thirsty audiences will be given another chance to be transported into a world where elegance and provocation intertwine, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of passion and connection. Designed to expertly showcase the seductive and crisp art of Parisian strip tease, this event pushes the boundaries of traditional burlesque performance, infusing a contemporary twist that celebrates individuality, self-expression, and storytelling of both dancers and viewers. All flavors of audiences are invited, whether eager to get tied up onstage or desiring a voyeuristic night as a spectator. A Knotty Soiree: The Encore will take place on August 19, 2023 at the elegant Midnight Theatre in the Hudson Yards neighborhood of New York City.

A Knotty (naughty) Soiree: The Encore, presented by The Cabaret Burlesque August 19, 2023
Doors at 6pm, Show 7-8pm

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Attendees can expect 60 minutes of seamless performances showcasing Parisian burlesque with a sprinkle of music and comedy acts, all incorporating play between performers and onlookers. Classic French tunes and driving contemporary hits will accompany impressive choreography that highlights the finesse, expertise, and strength of its performers. This exclusive event promises to be an extraordinary night of entertainment, where audiences can interact with the artistry of striptease, be inspired by the performers’ courage and vulnerability, and celebrate their own stories of allure.


The Cabaret Burlesque is a company of experts bringing the art of Parisian strip tease to New York City and beyond. Led and directed by Nathalie Marrable—former performer with Paris’s premier burlesque venues Moulin Rouge and Le Crazy Horse—this group of captivating performers each possess their own unique style while bringing a cheeky international perspective to a traditional artform. “Our aim with Tied Up and Twisted is to create an unforgettable experience that challenges conventions and leaves a lasting impression on our audience,” said Artistic Director Nathalie Marrable. “We have carefully selected performers who embody the spirit of liberation, embracing their sensuality and pushing the boundaries of traditional performance art. This event will be an exploration of self-expression, a celebration of individuality, and a testament to the power of artistic freedom.”

Tickets for A Knotty Soiree: The Encore are now available for purchase through the Midnight Theatre website ( and are expected to sell out, once again, due to the event’s limited capacity. Guests are encouraged to secure their seats early to avoid disappointment.

Daniel Quintanilla

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