Crystal Bridal Boutique shows off wedding glam at The Wedding Salon in New York


The Aisle Aesthetic

It may be slightly off the ideal time of wedding season, but on a Monday evening here in New York at Penthouse Manhattan, a walk down the aisle is always in season, no matter how old you are, or what generation you belong to, this is The Wedding Salon, which held an enhanced happy hour filled with beauty vendors, food and drink vendors, and this beautiful bride here who represented the Crystal Bridal Boutique that’s based in Brooklyn.

There’s no place like home when it comes to finding that must-have wedding dress for that very special day you call your wedding day, Crystal Bridal Boutique has all types of gowns in a variety of styles that fit your bridal aesthetic, plus made of honors, bridesmaids, and flower girls are served to be their most beautiful with dresses that the bride wants her ladies to be lavished in on her big day.


No big day or wedding gowns are complete with a team of wedding experts who can provide the much-needed fuel you need to create the most beautiful wedding experience that’ll make it its own epic era, The Wedding Salon are a trusted wedding team you want on your side, bride and groom must attend these showcases that are in 6 major cities including here in New York where the lovely couple will see all facets of wedding planning from beauty, food, drink (Boozee Bar is the best traveling bar option), and photography that gives them a wealth of resources centered around their wedding for the most unforgettable day ever.

Daniel Quintanilla

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