Magnetic Me sleepwear attracts both parent/ baby with easy closures at CURVE New York


Quick Change

It’s hard to keep up with your kids nowadays, one minute you turn your back, and they’re into something that completely scares you, thankfully this isn’t about teenagers, it’s about mom, dad, and baby, as all 3 are getting quite the activity in both day and night, keeping up with your baby is quite a job within itself, you never know when you have to change your baby’s clothes when they need a diaper change or get messy, that’s why there’s Magnetic Me, the sleepwear for child and adult that you can open and close real quick, it’s been at CURVE New York lingerie trade show for all 3 days at the Javits Center.


With luxurious TENCEL modal fabrics that are trademarked (eco-friendly TENCEL™ modal is silky soft, breathable, and gentle on sensitive skin), Magnetic Me with their innovative magnetic closures make it real easy for you to take your baby’s sleepwear off if you have to get them into new clothes real quick, the same works when swapping Magnetic Me attire for new Magnetic Me outfits for both baby and parents who need to clean themselves up real quick after sudden stains, or days in the same clothes.


Along with its innovative fast open and closures, plus other accessories sold, Magnetic Me has teamed up with New York Presbyterian Hospital to donate sleepwear to both the Cardiac NICU and Cardiac Pediatric ICU at NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, which allows quick open when conducting exams and responding to vital health emergencies that require easy maneuvering to save a life.

Daniel Quintanilla

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