Soft, chaotic, and sentimental inspire Informa & Fashion Snoops fall/ winter 2024-25 apparel sourcing trends


Feels Are In Style

Since the COVID-19 lockdown and post, fashion has entered a period of renewal with consumers at all apparel levels, who want their clothes to stay in season longer than to go out of style in just a few short months, sustainability became the driving force behind this abandonment of fast fashion in favor of seasonless trends that pay homage to Mother Nature, as well as the mood of the country that’s been Karl Lagerfeld with the 90’s trend inspired by GEN Z via TikTok, fall and winter 2024 and 2025 are forecasted to see sourcing trends powered by Sentimental, Immersive, Chaos, and Fragility design aesthetics, layered out today by Informa and Fashion Snoops which you can see consumers adapt to change and uncertainty.


Product insights to take with you for manufacturing is the streamlining process where non-woven technology and 4D weaving will dramatically advance supply chain operations and shorten timelines to promote efficiency, renewable fibers will become an obsession for fashion as environmental concerns grow deeper, NFC and RFID chips will become easily traced, logged, and verified, sourcing platforms of trims, fabrics, and such will become digitalized and circulated B2B, and AI will design textiles and fuel product automation.


Key Takeaways you want to be strategic with in FW24-25 is promote home mindful craft where your brand drives your consumer to take up thrifty contemporary from previous seasons to promote recycling and up cycling, earth-friendly products give you more value as they’re easy to produce in a short amount of time, design products that can do more that can have multi-functionality instead of one, nature must be your driving force for natural fibers that don’t constrict, and new digital realities will help you embrace the unexplainable with new digital tools.

Daniel Quintanilla

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