Ivy Cove Had Everything You Need For The Perfect Fall 2023 Picnic


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If summer were to end today, then it’d be bookended with the start of summer which was the most brutal start ever with the coldest summer solstice in recent history, it’s finally cooled off here in New York City with a pleasant week of temperatures on the 70’s and cooler nights, but summer’s not quite over yet, though it doesn’t mean we can start dreaming of pumpkin spice, Halloween, and nabbing in a few fall picnics before it turns absolutely cold are great to capitalize on, Ivy Cove has got you covered with picnic accessories for that fall picnic after the kids go back to school.

Ivy Cove

It’s picnic season! The summer heat is coming to an end soon and fall’s cooler temps find us back outside enjoying food and drinks with friends. To prepare for arguably everyone’s favorite time of year, here’s everything you need for the perfect fall picnic. Whether it’s a beautiful day at the park, an outing on the water, or even your own backyard, pack these stylish accessories to make any picnic a luxury experience. From wine bottle carrier totes that hold up to 4 bottles of wine (plus room for your blanket, cheese, knives and charcuterie) and travel flask sets to enjoy your favorite cocktail with friends to luxe placemats, chic trays, leather utensil holders and even cute outdoor games to throw in your bag… Ivy Cove has all your picnicking essentials to elevate any outdoor hangout this fall.

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