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For any SWIFTIE or Taylor Swift fan/ enthusiast out there, this is your wake up call for today, Taylor Swift announced this morning that her l“Eras Tour”, spanning through the United States this past spring and summer, will now become a full-length feature film, not only documenting the tour, but playing songs from all 10 eras of her music, will make its way not to streaming of any kind, but to theaters on Friday, October 13, tickets are on sale now.


To any die-hard Taylor Swift fan who didn’t get to the “Eras Tour”, or trying again overseas or domestically this year or next, guaranteed to go soon, or are just a SWIFTIE just dying to see “Eras” again, here’s your chance without all the tears caused by the ups and downs of encountering this entire Taylor Swift experience in the comfort of a movie theater, giving you a primer at best to see what you’ve been missing, taking full advantage of the SAG/ WGA strike when most films have been pulled due to solidarity.

There’s nothing like seeing a Taylor Swift film about her “Eras Tour” in the presence of many others, with premium seating, dine-in seats, bottle service in at some screens, and plenty of alcohol to go with the “Eras” experience here in New York City, especially at AMC Theater Lincoln Square in the upper west side of Manhattan.

Also adding to the renaissance that movie theaters have been experiencing post-COVID-19 pandemic, streaming has taken a huge backseat for unveiling original big budget movies straight to streaming, according to The Wrap on Monday, the most movies that get streamed are movies that were just in theaters, as Wall Street sends a message saying not only are they not in love with originals just on streaming, but to leave theatrical to theatrical.

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