Anthony Rubio announces couture canine photo art gallery with secret celeb at New York Fashion Week


Portrait Of Man’s Best Friend

Anthony Rubio shared big news tonight at Art Hearts Fashion at New York Fashion Week here in New York City, he’s unveiling a photo art gallery devoted to canines and the wonderful couture these dogs, puppies, and sometimes felines wear on the runway, the red carpet, and other canine couture events, which we will see make it’s debut on this November 20, with a secret celebrity to only be revealed on the day or the opening.

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In the meantime, Anthony Rubio walked his spring/ summer canine couture collection here in New York City tonight where canines are praised for the loving pets they are, canines who are cute upon arrival, and owners who will stop at nothing to doll up their adorable puppy for all the world to see, and couture to be praised in all its striking beautiful form.

Photo by Manonce

Anthony Rubio’s Inspiration:

To begin, Anthony’s canine/feline couture collection was inspired by vintage ball gowns and formal wear from the 1950’s by Christian Dior. There were whimsical colors, glitz and glam and memorable silhouettes. It was so girly girl and while the audience loved it, so did the pups and their owners.

Above: Mr. Rubio’s 12 year-old Chihuahua Bogie. His first time on the runway was at 4 months
Photos by Arun Nevader Getty Images

For the human creations, Anthony presented an executive collection that spoke volumes of an evolution of his past to present works.There were sensual brightly colored gowns of embroidered flora sprinkled with glass beading and crystals. They gay were fashioned like rock’s bad boys. Then Anthony tried his hand at sculptural pieces inspired by Henri Matisse Blue Nudes both on a male and a female model done in recycled plastic woven into royal blue netting. It was a collection of joyful inspirations making for a huge fashion party.

Photos by Arun Nevader Getty Images

In every show, Anthony Rubio presents a special model with a story to tell because he wants to remind everyone not to buy but to adopt a rescue because too many are abandoned and shelters are overflowing with cats and dogs that seemingly no one wants and those animals get no say on the matter.

Photos by Arun Nevader Getty Images

The featured mode for this show was a tiny Chihuahua brought in all the way from Ohio named Misty Lynn. This little lady is both a fighter and inspiration to teach everyone a lesson about resilience. Due to a case of neglect of an injury which almost resulted in her being euthanized by her previous owner a risk was taken in amputating a front leg that might have spread an infection that would have killed her. After a miraculous recovery she was adopted by her present family who adore and spoil this ater day princess. Misty Lynn loves attention and fashion and she has given us the pleasure of gracing our runway as her New York Fashion Week debut. Who would have thought this adorable little lady would rock the greatest runway in fashion? Anthony Rubio did.

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