Coterie New York unleashes Spring 2024 corset dress by 19:13 DRESSCODE


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While we are in the last days of summer here in New York City, Coterie New York at the Javits Center today has a plan to kick off your spring/ summer 2024 with such delicate yet daring pops of sexiness that only Italian brands can boldly create, this is 19:13 DRESSCODE, a world filled with glamorous luxury for women that’s easy to welcome into or elevate your sense of style, it’s the allure of corset that sends young women running to the nearest department store to get their hands on what promises to be a new season of allure.

19:13 DRESSCODE, it is rich Italian charisma of international luxury with materials embodying a sharp sense of color, you’ve got comfort, femininity, and movement to celebrate the women wearing this brand, this 100 percent Italy made yet affordable collection are long, semitransparent tulle corset gowns for easy wearing for delicately complex and ironic women.

This lovely corset dress taken by DANIEL PLUS LAUREN is a mini bustier dress in tulle, it’s made to be a side zip closure, lined skirt, bodice with tulle drapery on the front, and thin straps, plus it’s made of 100 percent silk and 100 percent polyester, it’s also available in black, but the choice of white in this case is a far better option as you can accessorize and colorize your makeup to create a powerful style you know will be a game-changer.

At first blush, when seeing 19:13 DRESSCODE with this beautiful Italian corset dress, DANIEL PLUS LAUREN couldn’t help it think of singer-songwriter, Olivia Rodrigo, where a couple times outside of her GEN Z 90’s and 2000’s fashion aesthetic, Olivia made her red carpet looks virtually similar to 19:13 DRESSCODE’s offering here, one being DISNEY PLUS’s “Driving Home 2 U”, and the “2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards” where Olivia at both times wears super-high-end fashion with corset tops and dresses, plus during sets on her SOUR tour that same year.

If there’s anything missing from the new buying power that is GEN Z, it’s the freedom to incorporate more vibrant styles into their core of what’s trending on TikTok, the best part for GEN Z and 19:13 DRESSCODE, along with the GUTS tour next spring by Olivia Rodrigo herself is with the call for ticket prices to start at $20 a piece, there’s plenty of affordability with 19:13 DRESSCODE, priced at $750.00, you can color coordinate your style for that night of GUTS tour live in your nearest city, or close to home here in New York City at Madison Square Garden on April 4,5,8, and 9, 2024.

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