New York Men’s Day: A New York Fashion Week story by Patricia Ann Parenti



New York Men’s Day was held on opening day during New York Fashion Week which was on Friday, September 8, 2023. The event was held at Daylight Studio which is appropriately called because the sun comes shining thru the big windows eliminating the need for too much electric lighting . This was a presentation all about new and emerging menswear or gender-neutral designers with some established designers showing also. Hilldun, whose been in the fashion industry since 1958, sponsored the event. They are an old-fashioned type business that helps new designers by providing accounts receivable (funding) and factoring services based on purchase orders and invoices. De’Longhi used their newest expresso machines to offer the attendances great tasting strong coffee and tasty cocktails. They were another sponsor. The show was produced by Agentry PR. WWW.AGENTRYPR.COM

The day had morning and afternoon sessions for one and half hours each. I interviewed Kent Anthony New York, Clara Son and B|M|C in the morning and Skyco and Raleigh Workshop in the afternoon. I saw lots of new and cutting-edge fashions from each designer with no styles that are already in the market. The men attending the presentations were giving us a fashion show in itself by wearing men’s skirt suits and colorful outfits accessorized with “man bags” as seen in the photo with me in black and white mod pantsuit.



This was a very wearable collection for any guy to wear. Nothing tricky here. The colors used were beige, charcoal grey, red and light blue. Grommets, buttons and chains adorned suits and shirts to make them unusual and unique. Shirts were tailored but sheer. Pants were wide legged and baggy. Shorts were to the knee and loose fitting. Crochet circles on sheer sweaters with some having fringe all over the sheer sweater. This was an oversized collection. The designer told me the theme of the collection was Emergence. Sized S-M-L and made in USA and China. WWW.CLARASON.COM



Did you know that disco was making a comeback? Well, this presentation was all about styles that were popular when John Travolta made the movie Saturday Night Fever. Disco music was even playing in the background. Pant were high waisted that buttoned and buckled at the waist but to the side instead of the traditional middle with flared leg bottoms. Another retro 70’s influence was double breasted jackets that had tie backs but instead of making a bow with the ties they hung long and loose in the back of the jacket. Colors were white, navy, beige and black in wool and silk fabrics. The words to describe this designer’s collection is modern, sexy, elegant and strong. The designer told me his concept was a return to dressing up to go into society and I only hope guys will wear these clothes to nightclubs and events and get rid of the ripped jeans. Back in the disco days guys wore suits to go to Studio 54 and other clubs in NYC. This is a custom-made collection. WWW.BMCSTUDIO.COM



This designer said to me “the collection was inspired by track and field movement of energy.” All the clothes are sustainable which is the newest trend going forward in the fashion industry. Styles were high waisted, bell bottomed pants with pleats. Zip front jackets that reach the hip and are meant to be worn open over a shirt or a bare chest. These clothes were about short torsos and long legs. Colors were black, royal blue, powder blue and cream. Lots of hand beading on shirts and jackets to make basic shapes stand out. Some of the shirt styles had embroidery that gave them a unique flair. Some pieces are custom made and the rest ready to wear. WWW.KENTANTHONYSTUDIO.COM



Keith Haring was the inspiration here. The use of color and prints was what this collection is all about. Niki Lavda that was a racecar driver, had one of his prints on the white double-breasted jacket that is worn with red pants in my photo . Some other styles were colorful ponchos over burlap cargo pants and pleated mid-calf skirts with long jackets for the gender-neutral person. Knee length shorts with matching loose-fitting shirts can be seen in the yellow and black Keith Haring print outfit in my photo. There is even a matching Iguana shape handbag. I loved the wood Jewlery in bright colors that adorned the outfits. WWW.SKYCOSTUDIOS.COM



This is not a new label but a premium brand of denim clothing that has been ar0und awhile. The great part of the collection is that is made right in Raleigh, North Carolina in good old USA. This collection wasn’t about their basic dark denim jeans but a creative collaboration with the staff of the company. It’s all about stitching and colors in denim. Colors included white with black and mixed olive colors in a jacket. Lots of wide striped denim looks that are very bold in matching jackets and pants with cuffs at the hem. The bold outfits had matching floppy hats too. Some of the seams had the raw selvage edge too. Good news for denim lovers who don’t want to spend $300.00 and up on premium denim jeans. The company is coming out with $100.00 made in America jeans soon. WWW.RALEIGHDENIMWORKSHOP.COM

Patricia Ann Parenti

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