Magic New York & Coterie New York Spring/ Summer 2024 by Patricia Ann Parenti



This tradeshow took place on September 19 – 21, 2023 at the Javits Center in NYC along with its sister show Coterie. Magic show is about a contemporary girl and usually in junior sizes. Contemporary isn’t about an age but someone who wants trendy clothes at a lower price point. Hey, I’m well over 30 and I buy lots of the brands shown at Magic Tradeshow because I want to look trendy and hip!


Now what you all have been waiting for — THE ACCESSSORIES TRENDS! These are the trends that are happening now and going forward for Spring/Summer 2024. BAGS: Small structured bags in pastels and metalics, totes in woven straw in natural colors, guitar straps on small rectangular bags, and the newest style a bag that is vintage inspired from the late 1970s; a cloth ½ moon shape that is gathered into a metal frame but has a chain strap on it unlike the clutch styles from the 1970s. JEWELRY: Not much newness here. Big gold chains continue. SCARVES: Oblongs styles that wrap around the neck a few times and hang long in front are still the style. HATS: Cowboy hats are all the rage in felt or straw for next spring.

SHOE TRENDS:  Ballerina flats with elastic back and straps across the instep are the newest trend. Maryjane with square toes and block heels in patient leather just like the mod era in the 1960s. Thick platform sneakers are all about glitter and colorful prints. Motorcycle boots are popping up as a new trend. Wood bottoms with platforms on sandals are huge for Summer 2024.  

CLOTHING TRENDS: It’s all about femininity. Big bow blouses with puff sleeves are still trending. Short sleeve/sleeveless blouses have ruffles on the edges. Full skirts like the 1950s but with more fullness tucked into the waistband. Bustier and corset tops continue. I didn’t see ripped jeans so you can cut off the legs above your expensive ripped knees and you now have summer shorts.😉 High waisted elephant bell bottoms are the newest style in jeans. Long jackets over full knee length shorts are really big for Spring 2024 . Sequins and lurex rule for holiday 2023. Bright and neutral colors are key for Spring/Summer 2024. Denim is the biggest fabric trend in all styles right now.




Are you a showgirl or just a showgirl at heart, then these shoes and boots are calling your name! They are totally embellished and look like a luxury brand but at a reasonable price point.  The theme is “More is More”. Some stars that have worn items from this brand are Beyonce with her backup dancers on stage and Taylor Swift. This collection is all about lots of glitz and showing off. Styles are ankle boots, slides and sandals (as seen in my photos) but also pumps. Glitzy styles not shown in my photos that are definitely show stopping are red/black/white tulle ruffles on lace up the calf high heel sandals, clear plastic knee high boots with clear stones and over the knee boots with silver fringe that you can wear with miniskirts or tuck your skinny jeans in. There is a light denim collection that ranges from short to over the knee boots. 

Now for the drag queens and bigger ladies they carry stretch high heel boots that go up to size 12 and fits a size 20 jeans. Good for someone with a wide calf too.  These are also in high heels so you can still strut your stuff!

Heel heights up to 5 ½ inches. Some lace up style combat boots are on the website. They will be making lower heel heights going forward. Sizes 6 – 11. Prices $69.00 – $250.00. They also make “going out jackets” that look perfect with their boots because they are fun and glitzy too. To shop



This tradeshow is all about high end and luxury clothing, shoes and accessories for women from mainly USA, Italy, Brazil and new to the show was Turkey. This is the sister tradeshow to Magic but with more tailored clothing and better-quality fabrics. Coterie was held on the same dates as Magic but was upstairs at the Javits whereas Magic was downstairs at Javits. For more information go to


SHOES: They are mainly of soft Nappa leather or patient leather and from Italy, Spain or Brazil. Styles are ballerina flats that are soft and unconstructed in Sherbert colors. Other ways the ballerina can look fresh is in with a strap across your instep like the Maryjane style. Other styles are mules, sling back loafers, sling back flats with pointy toes and bow trims on the front and strappy sandals. Fake or self-fabric flowers on the sides of shoes is a really big trend right now. Think ladylike, colorful and less chunky shoes going into 2024

BAGS: Same styles as Magic tradeshow but in real leather, raffia, crochet or jute . Lots of clutches embellished  with stones..

JEWELRY: Thick gold chains with pearls and charms. BELTS:  One to two inches wide and it’s all about the metal buckle as the focal point. Some other trends were wide obis with studs on hard leather or wide jute belts.

CLTOHING: Same styles as Magic.




I had the pleasure to interview the designer Prisilla Whitaker and she told me all about how these high-quality shoes are made. An all-leather line of ladies’ shoes handmade in Brazil. It takes 7 to 8 artisans to make one pair of shoes and takes one month to make a pair of shoes. In USA leather shoes usually just mean the outer shoe is leather but these shoes the kidskin sock lining, innersole and outer soles are all leather too. The mark of quality is an extra piece of leather at the inner back heel that holds the foot in place so your foot won’t slide forward. Padded innersoles so you can stand in comfort. The look is ladylike and feminine with some retro styles of by gone eras. Leathers used are Nappa, kidskin and Tilapia (fish skin that would normally be thrown away). Notice in the photos how many different pieces go into the outer part of the shoe and how perfectly they are stitched together. Sizes 5 – 10. Prices $240.00 – $300.00. These shoes are custom made and do ship to USA WWW.PRISCILLAWHITAKERSHOES.COM.BR



A brand of shoes that has been around 20 years and started in NYC. This line responds to trends as soon as they come out and as the saying goes “runway to retail” in a matter of a few months. They are made in Italy and Mexico. Zigi owns their own sample rooms to ensure that the shoes fit right. Fun sneakers that were unique such as pointed toe with stiletto heels, high tops and many styles embellished with glitter and studs. Satin ballerinas that tie up the leg were a twist on the classic ballerina shoe. Maryjane styles had platforms on them. Mules had high block heels with wood bottoms. Carved wood bottoms can be found in many of the sandels. The collection has lots of denim and textured leather with oversized hardware and studs as trims. Styles are loafers, boots, cowboy boots to the knee and funky sandals all with heel heights from 3 – 5 inches. Sizes 6 – 11 M. Prices $300.00 – $500.00. To shop WWW.ZIGINY.COM

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