Lauren Conrad ushers in Halloween 2023 era with cheesy homemade ghosts


The Halloween Tour Starts Now

And so it begins, another October filled with 31 days of scary moments that a holiday named Halloween brings, it starts with pumpkin patches, pumpkin carving, hay rides, hanging witches, skeletons, goblets, scarecrows, and ghosts all around the house so your humble abode is in an era of Halloween, Lauren Conrad ghosts are out today home DIY floating ghosts.

Ahead of Halloween, Lauren was able to achieve the impossible, Lauren got her cheesecloth created ghost to float, after being soaked in mod podge and water, Lauren relied on the power of helium by simply taking a balloon, placing it under Lauren’s homemade ghost, and the ghost transitioned from fantasy to real life, rising to be on display not only for Instagram Story, but also for Lauren’s mantle with lit candles and a twin to go with Lauren’s creative Halloween decor.

For the most part, Lauren Conrad has been having an era of a year, recently with reliving a great summer Lauren had with her husband and kids, plus attending The ERAS Tour at SoFi Stadium, courtesy of Taylor Swift.

Daniel Quintanilla

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