Lauren Conrad Casamigos Halloween 2023 past 9PM


Late Night Spooky

From here in New York City, and all across the nation, celebs and influencers got their Halloween off to an early start on Saturday night, dressing in all kinds of costumes to become their favorite characters as long as it’s not a character during the SAG strike, so celebs like Victoria Justice and Christina Aguilera channeled Cher, but Lauren Conrad stayed tried and true to Halloween family, as Lauren and her friends dressed up as witches on a motorcycle for a scary celebration allowing Lauren to stay up after 9 p.m. PDT with help from her friends at Casamigos, who also were with Lauren for Taylor Swift.


Carved Fresh Daily

And on the very next day, Lauren took her 2 boys to the nearest pumpkin patch for what apparently was looking for that perfect pumpkin to carve and put outside for Halloween, the newest thing here is finding the freshest pumpkin right before Halloween, ready and ripe for the carving, plus Lauren’s boys are pumpkin patching in fine fashion with LC Lauren Conrad’s Little Co. by Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s, showing off all the pumpkin colors, flannels, and Boo’s that celebrate not only the power of pumpkin, but also the power of Halloween.

Daniel Quintanilla

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