First Look: Lauren Conrad’s Holiday 2023 with LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s

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Festivities A Comin’

Today’s a great day for look at how Lauren Conrad wants to get her LC Lauren Conrad line at Kohl’s ready for those beloved triple threat holidays we call Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve with a tiny glimpse of warm and inviting threads and fabrics to celebrate that incoming winter feeling, temperatures gradually dropping, grayer skies, shorter days, plus tons of dinners and parties to attend.

In this preview, Lauren shows off lovely patterned cream colored sweater blouses with blazer pantsuits sets matching a flannel look with off-white and mauve coloring, we also see a multi-colored yarn sweater mock turtleneck that’s matched with burgundy flowing skirt with cream mini-boots containing beige heel and sole like it’s a traction boot, and then we bring out our combination holiday off-white sequin dress, combination this this lovely piece can act as a Christmas dinner or party look, and primarily a New Year’s Eve piece to ring in 2024.

There’s definitely a lot of holiday to plan for with LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl’s, and this is just an appetizer to the official unveiling of Lauren’s Holiday ‘23 which is sure to serve up every occasion that you’re either planning, or planning on attending this holiday season.

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