I Can’t Believe I Didn’t Do This Sooner

****Though the date says July 2, 2016, I finally wrote this piece on August 12, 2016****

Focus!!! It definitely plays a vital role in our lives.  So much, that we limit ourselves to one thing, and refuse to see other options that are out there, and within our reach at the very moment.  The exact epiphany I just came on when doing my first post here.

For 6 weeks now, I’ve been hyper-focused on making my new blog perfect and souped up right out of the gate, that I missed the opportunity to start blogging 6 weeks ago today when I found out that Examiner.com was shutting down and was no longer accepting new content.

Just like that, I was in a new category going from journalist to blogger thinking of all the new opportunities I had as a blogger, and grow from there.  But in that time, I found myself still doing news articles temporarily declaring my Google+ page as my new platform to write articles Monday through Friday about Lauren Conrad, just so my social media stays connected.

Prior to Google+ and after Examiner’s demise, I immediately thought about life after Examiner, looking for ways to start a blog.  Ultimately, I found WordPress here being a great way to at least look into baby steps of starting my own blog.  I was immediately impressed, and got focused on getting the business plan taking me to a whole new level. Coming up with names wasn’t easy, but I finally settled on “Daniel plus Lauren”, and I immediately changed up my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to reflect the new branding laying Lauren Conrad Examiner (lcexaminer) to rest, and christening “DanielplsLauren” to start anew.

But in these past 6 weeks, I could’ve started my new blog here on WordPress a lot sooner so I can at least get my presence out there in the blogosphere, and stay in tuned to my fashion contacts.  Yes, blogging is very new to me, and I only came to this realization last night at work about blogging now before I moved monetary mountains to be super-sized at the first step, and to try and get into New York Fashion Week under my new haven. Believe me, I need to be premium sooner than later, but I have to at least get something running so I’m back out on the internet in search engines, and not just in social media.

So here I say, welcome to Daniel plus Lauren, a place where we focus on fashion designers, entertainment, lifestyle, personal interest, and celebrity which also includes Lauren Conrad since that’s been my writing base for 7 years dating back to June 11, 2009 at Examiner.

I hope to do many wonderful things with this new site I have, the only thing to do now is get to work.

Daniel Quintanilla

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